Issue No. 24 – 1 October 2021

This issue we lead with a trio of articles from Mark Haller on UK’s parlous energy situation – high prices, hardly any storage and little security. Peter Burke asks if we really need imperial units. The forgotten issue of Non-Voting is highlighted by new writer Tom Crook. One article on Electric Vehicles prompted another. Some light relief with the Muppets of Downing Street and Another Planet. We are reminded of Churchill’s Zurich speech calling for a United States of Europe and Lord Andrew Adonis addressing Malvern on a Step by Step return to the EU. So loads to read and share in this issue – enjoy!

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04.09 – 11.10 – Modern Art Oxford – Online Exhibition exploring Language and Creativity
02.10 – 14:00 – Brexit isn’t Working Demo – St Peter’s Square, Manchester
14.10 19:00 – TEDx Event at Beechen Cliff School, Bath
17.10 – 09:00 – Oxford Half Marathon – University Parks, Oxford
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