A Local Theatre is Locked down, Rejected and Nearly Evicted

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The Market Theatre – Source: hitchin.nub.news

The story of one theatre reflecting the issues faced by the wider industry.

In the small market town of Hitchin in the Home Counties, is the appropriately small Market Theatre. Like all theatres over the past year and a bit, they were severely affected by the Covid Crisis. As manager Glyn Doggett explains, the Market Theatre had many obstacles to overcome including being threatened by their landlord with eviction.

Glyn takes us through the timetable of the first lockdown, no government subsidy from the so-called “world beating rescue package), a cancelled tour, the landlord threatening eviction and then finally, gearing up for a panto season, only to be locked down again.

Having experienced such disappointment, Glyn is remarkably understanding of what happened to his theatre and the wider theatre industry. He’s optimistic that the Market Theatre will bounce back and give the public that thrill of live theatre when they reopen their doors once more.

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