A People’s Gallery

Westbury People's Gallery  - Source: Malcolm Atkins
Westbury People’s Gallery – Source: Malcolm Atkins

During Lockdown we all started finding new hobbies to fill in the time. But I doubt if any of us ever turned our own front garden into an art gallery, open to all.

Well, that’s exactly what Malcolm Atkins has done in suburban Oxford.

Malcolm’s Westbury People’s Gallery accepts any type of submission, from traditional canvas work to musical oeuvres. Exhibits of sculpture, abstract art, statues, ‘Arts and Crafts’ are all on display for the public to view. This gallery is for the community so passers-by can just wander in off the street.

One of the more recognisable exhibits to our readers is the West England Bylines board, set up by one of our own contributors.

I sit down with Malcolm Atkins, the curator of the gallery, to discuss its inspirations, our favourite exhibits and of course that West England Bylines board.

Ed: If you watch the video in YouTube you get subtitles.

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