A Poem for Europe Day

Speaker Ryan’s Office / Public domain

EUROPE DAY 2020 – Saturday 9 May

Asparagus & spinach need picking
late crops need planting
import tightly packed Romanians into Luton
keep it quiet

Genius! Let’s get all the
furloughed workers into overalls
& mini-vans before dawn. You’ve tried?
keep it quiet

The PPE on offer
from the EU. That’s not PC
Can’t go there. The Sun, The Mail
keep it quiet

It’s out there? We missed the call.
We didn’t see the email.
The electorate are too busy Zooming anyway
you watch and now

the cigar of VE Day, Churchill’s shadow
Boris’s borissimo, a Love Island ejaculation
another charity, a million tests a minute
that’ll keep Europe Day at bay

for now, said Dominic, for now

© Adrian Mealing   6.5.20