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In this era of uncertainty, tension and upheaval, the need for reliable journalism in which readers can have confidence, has become all-the-more important. West England Bylines – like its partner publications in other regions – has been created to meet this need.

Independent of government, political parties and corporate interests, West England Bylines is our region’s progressive and internationalist alternative to the narrow and partisan reporting and commentary that has dominated media coverage in recent times.

Celebrating the dynamism, diversity and economic importance of our region, West England Bylines is an opportunity for citizen journalism to highlight the issues that matter, while giving voice to opinions and commentary which are too often stifled by a tightly-controlled media.

Supported by March for Change and Byline Times, West England Bylines is written and run by volunteers across Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Herefordshire, Bath and Bristol, and draws together citizens from a range of political backgrounds, and some who have no particular political loyalty.

Our contributors write about what matters to them – because what matters to them matters to many or all of us. Regional, national and international issues all have a place on our pages, reflecting both our regional focus and our progressive and internationalist outlook at a time when the political leadership in our country has rarely been more in need of being held to account.

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We welcome writers, investigative reporters and local journalists, interviewers and podcasters, photographers, videographers and picture editors, illustrators and cartoonists, as well as volunteers to formulate FOI requests, to sift through published data, to gather and publish data of our own, sub-editors, editors, advisers and counsellors, buddies and translators …

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