Art Project highlights the £69k Problem facing EU Students

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London College of Contemporary Arts – Source: LCCA

As an art student at London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA), I aim to create a public art project that can speak to as many people as possible through different media. Because I’m Italian my fees have gone up from £9,000 to £23,000 per year.

I’ve put together this multi-media project to highlight the fact that EU students now have to find £69k (£23k a year for three years) to fund their studies.

The fact is that art, a subject that should be completely free due to its innocence of human creativity, is now increasingly pushed into the money-oriented mechanism of contemporary capitalist society. With the increase of these fees, makes it only available to the privileged few, destroying creativity. I am trying to make people understand how ridiculous that is.

So my multi-media project shows me and a fellow student, Riccardo Cossu:

  • Pretending to hold up a bank,
  • Selling our kidneys and
  • Making skin stamps to highlight our plight.

Newspaper Report

Newspaper Stand

Kidney for Sale

Skins Stamps

How the Skin Stamp Works

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