Author: Adrian Phillips

A Letter to other Opposition Parties

Adrian Phillips

Ed: Following his open letter to Keir Starmer, Adrian has now written this letter to Caroline Lucas, the Green’s MP, and copied to the joint leaders of the Green Party. Similar letters have been sent to the leaders of the Liberal Democrats, Alliance and SDLP parties, as well as to those leading the Parliamentary group […]

Open Letter to Keir Starmer, Leader of the Opposition

Adrian Phillips

Write to us at Dear Keir, I am 81. I have always voted Labour, or – since I now live in a Conservative/LibDem marginal – LibDem. I was a strong Remainer. My career has been mainly in public service here and abroad in the environmental sector. Now you know “where I come from”. The Conservative […]

They stole my sense of patriotism

Adrian Phillips

Dear Reader of West England Bylines, my apologies for the self-centred nature of this contribution, but I suspect that some of you may be able to identify with at least parts of this story. Brexit has generated a vast amount of writing and commentary, most of it dealing with the obvious areas like trade, economics, […]