Author: Andrew Milroy

Putin’s bloody hands

Andrew Milroy

Vladimir Putin has expressed a wish to rebuild the Soviet Union. But that Union carries a toxic legacy flowing from the brutal excesses of the Soviet dictator, Józef Stalin.

Russian Oligarchs’ Influence in British Politics

Andrew Milroy
Nine Russian Oligarchs (Deripaska is top centre) - Source: Wikimedia - CC BY-SA 3.0

Dear Sir, How did the Russian oligarchs becomes so politically influential in Britain? Oleg Deripaska is at the root of the Tory Party dependency on Russian money. Deripaska, ironically now sanctioned by the British government, was originally targeted by the future Conservative chancellor George Osborne in 2008 when Osborne was partying on the Russian’s £80 […]

Letter to my MP – Johnson must fall on his Sword

Andrew Milroy
Johnson - Andrew Parsons - Downing Street - CC BY-SA 4 0

Dear Dr Murrison, In January 1977 in the High Court Lord Denning, (described by Margaret Thatcher, as probably the greatest English judges of modern times),  in a ruling against the then Attorney-General, quoted Dr Thomas Fuller who wrote in 1733 “Be you ever so high, the law is above you”. Boris Johnson made history when […]

Putin is not learning from History

Andrew Milroy
Russian Tank destroyed in Mariupol - CC BY 4.0 (Міністерство внутрішніх справ України (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine)

Embroiled in its invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army is now avoiding the formidable Ukraine armed forces and seeking to undermine Ukrainian morale by using cruise missiles and bombs to destroy civilian targets. Destroying buildings and infrastructure without putting infantry on the ground will not work. Russia’s own history in the “Great Patriotic War” 1941-1945 […]

Attack on the BBC

Andrew Milroy
Broadcasting House

Andy Milroy regrets government interference and the loss of the BBC as a powerful independent voice – something we need now more than ever. Can we trust Nadine Dorries with it?

Ukraine and Russia have a Troubled History

Andrew Milroy
War_in_Ukraine_(2022)_en CC0 1.0 Universal

In 1932-33 there was a catastrophic famine in Ukraine, which was entirely man-made, resulting from a deliberate policy directed by Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator. Stalin is idolised by Vladimir Putin. Known in Ukraine as the ‘Holodomor’ or ‘Murder by Starvation’.  At least 3.9 million Ukrainians died in that famine. The U.N. estimated 7 to […]

China’s stake in Russia targeting Ukraine

Andrew Milroy
Putin and Xi - Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dear Sir, The recent discussions and agreement between Russia and China on Ukraine brought back memories of the infamous Stalin-Hitler pact of 1939, when the Russian leader was duped into  supporting Hitler. Yet a year or so later in 1941 the massive Nazi Barbarossa invasion of the Soviet Union was launched. Russia still bears the […]

A Letter to my MP – Publish the Sue Gray Report in Full

Andrew Milroy

Dear Sir, Regrettably, it has become blatantly obvious that the police have been asked to show their gratitude to the government for the huge number of goodies they have been promised in the Policing Bill. This Bill will remove many of the inconvenient human rights which hamper the way they can treat potential suspects. Suddenly […]

Open Letter to MPs

Andrew Milroy

Dear Sir, The latest drinks party in the Downing Street garden reportedly attended by both Boris Johnson and his future wife Carrie Symonds when everyone else in the country was in strict lockdown, is absolutely typical of the double standards and hypocrisy of this government and Tory MPs. It is truly remarkable that Tory MPs […]

HGV Driver Shortage – Open Letter to Grant Shapps

Andrew Milroy

Dear Sir, We are slipping into a desperate crisis which has been inflicted by this blinkered government. The crucial sinews which hold the British supply network together have been seriously damaged. The HGV driver shortage in the UK is estimated at 100,000 and this shortage is having a knock on effect. For example, drivers of […]

Covid Testing Fails in the South West

Andrew Milroy

Ed: 24 October: Updated with latest stats from UK Health Security Agency. Ed: Please send copies of this letter to your MP and local newspaper so that we get a proper investigation. Dear Sir, Serious doubts are growing about the government policy of out-sourcing Covid testing contracts to private companies. One such company is Immensa, […]

Protecting the Vulnerable from Covid

Andrew Milroy

Ed: One of our writers sent this letter to his Doctor MP last month on the need to protect the vulnerable. This message is still relevant today. Dear Dr Murrison, You told me of the long term dangers of Covid, that it shortens life. That vaccination protects people.  Unfortunately there are 500,000 immune compromised people […]

UK Spending outstrips Peers

Andrew Milroy

The Financial Times reported on 29 November that: “The U.K. has spent more money fighting Coronavirus than almost all comparable countries but still languishes towards the bottom of league tables of economic performance in 2020 and deaths caused by the virus”. Why is this? The government appears to be semi-detached from the rest of us, […]

Can we believe in “Operation Moonshot”?

Andrew Milroy

The Government’s track record on “Track and Trace” gives us no grounds for believing that “Operation Moonshot” will be any different. “Track and Trace” The following letter on “Track and Trace” has been sent to many local newspapers, including several in Wiltshire as well as the regional papers, Western Daily Press and Western Morning Press. […]

Letter to Wiltshire Conservatives

Andrew Milroy

Open Letter to Nick Stovold, Chair of Wiltshire Conservatives Dear Mr Stovold, The Conservative Party has always been seen as the party of Law and Order. Defending the Rule of Law. Alas no more. The party of Margaret Thatcher is disappearing under a tidal wave of corruption and sleaze. Margaret Thatcher proclaimed  in October 1996  […]