Author: Barbara Morrison

A Woman’s Work is Never Done – Caring in the Time of Covid

Barbara Morrison

The division of work between women and men is, and has long been, profoundly gendered. Women’s access to equal paid work, leisure time and power remains constrained by their traditional social roles as carers and mothers even as they have entered and remained in the labour market in greater numbers. There is an expectation that […]

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Barbara Morrison

Write to us at Women are not safe either in public or private spaces. It has been a difficult and painful week which began with International Women’s Day and ended with the worst possible news that Sarah Everard who vanished as she walked home, had been killed and a serving Met police officer charged with […]

Few believe government claims schools are safe to reopen

Barbara Morrison

In a few weeks, some nine million children across the UK are expected to return to school. The government remains adamant that all years will return, and has produced a labyrinthine set of measures which they insist will reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission; the Prime Minister has meanwhile written of “a moral duty” to […]