Author: Geneviève Talon

Geneviève is a Politics graduate from the Institut d’Études Politiques in Bordeaux and the LSE. She worked for many years in educational publishing as a writer and editor. Now retired, she divides her time between Bournemouth, London and Deux-Sèvres. She believes there can be no democracy without quality information and fair representation.

Valérie Pécresse – a Challenger to Macron

Geneviève Talon
Conférence de Valérie Pécresse : « Économie, entreprises et innovation : quels facteurs de croissance ? »

The French presidential elections will take place on the 10 and 24 April, 2022. If, on the evening of the 10 April, no candidate gets an absolute majority outright – and this is the most likely scenario – the two best-placed candidates will qualify for the run-off round two weeks later. An unusual election What […]

Anne Hidalgo: Last Presidential Hope for the French Left?

Geneviève Talon

Anne Hidalgo is the directly elected Mayor of a major capital city aspiring to the highest office in the land. We can all name the directly elected Mayor of a major capital city who aspired to the highest office in the land, or a standard-bearer of the Left struggling to unite their movement, let alone […]