Author: Dr Helmut Hubel

Russia’s War Crime in Bucha – when will the ‘Jug’ Break?

Dr Helmut Hubel
Bucha Massacre - Ronaldo Schemidt - CC BY 2.0

Ed: Warning! This article necessarily contains a distressing image. There is a proverb: “The jug goes to the well until it breaks”. The meaning is that even though you can use something, it may contain flaws that will lead it to ultimately fail. If you have read my short article on Pravda (March 12, 2022),you […]

Germany: No more ‘Trading State’ and ‘Civilian Power’

Dr Helmut Hubel
Schröder and Putin November 2001 - FAZ

Russia’s war against Ukraine has not only annihilated countless human lives and completely destroyed whole cities. It has also unmasked decades-old myths, one of which concerns Germany as a ‘Trading State’ and ‘Civilian Power’. After the peaceful revolution in East Germany, the successful political process towards unification and the integration of the East into the […]

Putin the Terrible

Dr Helmut Hubel
Ivan the Terrible and son - Repin - Wikimedia Public Domain

Above is a famous painting by Ilya Repin (1844-1930) of ‘Ivan the Terrible and his Son’. The painter, one of Russia’s greatest artists, depicted the scene after the historian Nikolai Karamzin, who described how in 1581 the Tsar had hit his own son in terrible anger leading to his later death from his wounds. The […]

Правда  (Pravda) – Nothing but the ‘Truth’

Dr Helmut Hubel
First Issue of Pravda 1922 - CC BY-SA 4.0

I’m old enough to have witnessed life during Soviet times. In 1974, as a student of Russian language and literature, I attended a summer language course at the seaside resort of Sestroretsk, northwest of Leningrad. Our group was accompanied by a Russian ‘guide’ who, we later found out, was reporting to the authorities about our […]

What can we do about Vladimir Putin?

Dr Helmut Hubel
Vladimir Putin - Source: Wikimedia Commons

What could prevent (or could have prevented) Putin from conquering Ukraine? Unfortunately, there are only a few options – and they’re all too late or impractical. On 21 February 2022, one day after the Beijing Winter Olympics had finished, Vladimir Putin openly declared war against Ukraine. As Putin’s aggressive and murderous regime has demonstrated during […]

How much Hitler is in Putin?

Dr Helmut Hubel
Start of Orange Revolution - Independence Square Kyiv - (CC BY-SA 3.0)

At first glance, this question seems stupid, completely out of place. And I am certainly not thinking of Hitler’s ultimate goals – conquering the Soviet Union and annihilating Europe’s Jewish population. These horrendous crimes will remain unique. However, what I am concerned with is the problem of ‘revanchism’. Germany (and its allies) had lost World […]

Stal-Put-in’s Anthem

Dr Helmut Hubel
Anthem of the Russian Federation - Wikipedia

In the last chapter of the Memoirs of Dmitri Shostakovich, recorded and edited by the musicologist Solomon Volkov, there is a detailed description of how the State Anthem of the Soviet Union was created. During Soviet times this book of the emigrant Volkov had been denounced as a “malicious forgery” and only after 1991 did […]

Russia’s new Stalinism kills ‘Memorial’

Dr Helmut Hubel

On 28 December 2021 Russia’s Supreme Court, in an action redolent of Stalinism, ordered the closure of ‘Мемориал‘ (Memorial) – the country’s last and most prestigious symbol of civil society. Founded by the late Andrei Sacharov in 1987, during the period of Gorbachev’s ‘glasnost’ (openness), this organization had taken on the courageous and daunting task […]

Afghanistan – The Graveyard of Empires

Dr Helmut Hubel

After 20 years of war in Afghanistan, the Presidents Trump and Biden have ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops – without any meaningful consultation among its NATO allies. For the UK, the hasty withdrawal constitutes the end of its third war in Afghanistan – after 1839-1842 and 1878-1880. After the defeats of the British empire, […]

Conductor Sir Simon Rattle leaves London to become a German Citizen

Dr Helmut Hubel

Music, classical music in particular, has no borders. While the notes are written down on paper, the music is transmitted through the air and cannot be controlled by political authorities. Note the similarity with the Covid virus! Beethoven’s ninth’s symphony with the message, “Alle Menschen werden Brüder” (All people will become brothers [and sisters, we […]

Washington D.C. – 6 January 2021 – Trump’s assault on Capitol Hill

Dr Helmut Hubel

One day after the spectacular attack against the U.S. Parliament, the German historian, retired Professor Wolfram Siemann published an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine, one of the leading German newspapers, entitled „Gebt mir ein Blutbad!“ (Give me a bloodbath!). Siemann argues that the U.S. President, when inciting his followers to storm the Capitol, had a […]

Requiem of “The West”?

Dr Helmut Hubel

In the Atlantic Charter of 14 August 1941 the United States and the United Kingdom set out the goals for the world, after Nazi Germany had been defeated. Later, when the Cold War began and the Soviet Union was regarded as primary enemy, the two Western powers worked hard to preserve their values, based on […]

God and the Devil or Honesty and Dishonesty

Dr Helmut Hubel

In ancient times when a disaster had occurred (a seven year drought, flooding, diseases etc) people explained it as a “curse of God”. Read the Old Testament: The ancient Jews argued that “God’s people” no longer believed in him and had turned to other gods. Later, Martin Luther argued that sin comes directly from the […]

Germany will not pander to UK folly

Dr Helmut Hubel

The British government appears determined not to prolong the interim period for negotiating a trade deal with the EU, and equally determined to leave the Union at the end of 2020, with or without an agreement on future relations. The second half of this year will therefore see the endgame in the EU-UK relationship. Germany […]