Author: Joe Polson

French Election 2022 – The Power of Narrative

Joe Polson

The narrative surrounding an election becomes that election itself, or at least that’s the sense I got discussing French electoral politics with Dr Aurelien Mondon, a senior lecturer at the University of Bath and expert in Comparative French politics. That is the power of the narrative. For France the choice is clear, a Centralist President […]

The Fall of Democracy – Only a Matter of Time?

Joe Polson
Electoral Democracies CC BY-SA 2.0

The concept of ‘Liberal Democracy’ is perhaps the most ambitious form of government developed to date. It has, like all types of government, variations, some more directly ‘democratic’ than others. Despite their differences however, they all seek to achieve one sacred goal – to govern on behalf of their citizens rather than to govern despite […]

Ukraine: Britain’s Responsibility

Joe Polson
Map of the British Polish Ukrainian Trilateral on Geostrategy - CC BY-SA 4.0

Fear. It’s perhaps the greatest word one could use to sum up Western foreign policy since the Second World War. It was a fear of the growing Soviet/Communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe, Asia and South America which dominated the agenda. This fear masks the fact that Britain has a responsibility to Ukraine. Since the fall […]

Liberal Democrats – Stuck in the Past but perhaps not far enough?

Joe Polson

“He’s taking us back to the 1980’s” was a criticism I heard time and time again about Corbyn the man and his policies. Yet in the quagmire of mudslinging that occurs between Government and the opposition there was a party, quietly sat in the middle, bumbling along as always hoping desperately that no one would […]