Author: Jon Danzig

Jon is an award winning medical and investigative journalist, formerly at the BBC. He specialises in health, human rights and the European Union - exposing mistruths about migrants, refugees, human rights, the EU ... and now, coronavirus.


Churchill called for a United Europe

Jon Danzig

Ed: Jon Danzig posts a daily video on the state of Britain. This one shows Sir Winston Churchill’s Zurich speech of 1946 proposing the formation of the “United States of Europe” and his grandson Nicholas Soames’ impassioned speech to Parliament in 2016 pleading for Britain to stay in Europe. It was 75 years ago today […]

The Gap

Jon Danzig

In my latest blog I question whether Britain really is a different type of country to the likes of France and Germany. I conclude that Britain is indeed different because UK is run for the benefit of our political masters and not for the general populace. Is there really something so exceptional and special about […]