Author: Jon Hill

Jon is a committed European. Ever since he moved to Brussels as teenager, he has lived, studied and worked in many European countries. He and his Scottish wife brought up their two daughters in Munich for ten years. What he learned from living in Europe as well as Africa and Asia is that, whilst UK does a lot of things really well, other countries do many things better. So that's why he believes we should learn from other countries especially our European neighbours. Jon loves Britain and many things British but we cannot resurrect the Empire!

Russian Novelist and Playwright says Putin’s “Goose is Cooked”

Jon Hill

Vladimir Sorokin, in an exclusive Süddeutsche Zeitung article, explains how the Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin has morphed from a beacon of hope into a monster. However Sorokin believes that the invasion of Ukraine is a step too far and presages the end of Putin’s despotic regime. Putin’s Goose is Cooked. 24 February 2022 was the […]

Welcome to 2021 – Outside the EU

Jon Hill

Many people are marking the end of an era with some poignant articles. The consequences of our decision to actually leave the European Union are becoming apparent.Here are some takes from the world press. This from a descendent of German refugees electing to become a German citizen rather than stay with this country without values […]


Jon Hill

West England Bylines would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. We hope that you and your families can celebrate in some way and that you stay safe and well. We would like to celebrate a year in which we have made our voice heard […]

“Save British Farming” are trying to save us from ourselves

Jon Hill

Save British Farming (SBF) was founded by Liz Webster, a farmer in Wiltshire, with the objective of protecting our food standards and our farmers’ livelihoods. SBF says:The Government is selling British farmers down the river … they want to pass Bills that will ditch UK animal welfare and environmental standards for imported food, flood the […]