Author: Martin Griffiths

Martin grew up on a small farm on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire borders where he seemed to spend all summer picking fruit and all winter chasing lost sheep. After College he set up a successful ceramics workshop in Cirencester but after travelling in Africa he took on a teaching post including Art, Drama and Sports before eventually becoming a Housemaster and wearing a suit and tie every day! He spent the next few years teaching mainly Art, Photography and Literacy part time at an FE College and combined this with being a Barman, Chef, Photographer and Food Writer. He moved back into full time teaching with posts in Greece, Switzerland and France, mainly teaching Literature, and now combines examination work for the International Baccalaureate with making Ceramics, Drawing and Writing. He remains Chair of Tewkesbury for Europe.

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Martin Griffiths

A London based individual, Mr PM Bumble, has reported experiencing considerable reliability issues with the car that he has been driving since December. Mr Bumble complained, ‘I had only been in charge of driving since July last year but took procession of this new car in December confident that it had over eighty improvements on […]

The Blame Game

Martin Griffiths

‘Blame the EU’. ‘Blame the Media’. Or even, ‘Blame the Referee’. We all do it. We deflect blame by blaming others when things go wrong. It’s easy. Just blame someone or something else. The buck doesn’t need to stop with you! If my football team loses this weekend, I can always blame the referee (and […]

‘No-deal’ threat sends shudders through Gloucestershire farmers

Martin Griffiths

Gloucestershire has a rich history of sheep farming and Brexit is already putting it at risk. From the Cotswolds to the Forest of Dean, sheep farming is not only a major industry but it also supports many subsectors, including the processing of the meat, animal foodstuffs, transport firms and tourism. Brexit is already having a […]