Author: Mike Cashman

Mike Cashman posts his political commentary and satire on his YouTube Channel “Britannia Waives the Rules”. After his initial book “Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat” he has authored satirical Musicals about Brexit and Covid: “Brexit’s a Musical Trick” and “I Don’t Beg Pardon, I’m Talking Bollocks from the Rose Garden”.


The Political Impact of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry

Mike Cashman

What would you do, as a government, if you had wanted to do the right thing with the worst public health crisis this century, but even so had made some bad mistakes? You would hold an Inquiry to learn lessons as soon as possible. What, alternatively, would you do, if you had corruption and skulduggery […]

The Orwellian Playbook

Mike Cashman
Steven Bray - One man Protest - With permission from Steven Bray

George Orwell in his classic novel ‘1984’ portrayed a totalitarian regime whose policies were justified by the need to fight a fictional enemy. Some modern leaders are following this ‘Orwellian Playbook’. The Tactics I have observed his tactics over the last few years. I have seen the invention of a bogeyman outside his own country […]