Author: Sue Wilson MBE

Sue is Chair of Bremain in Spain.

Open Letter to Liz Truss

Sue Wilson MBE
Liz Truss poses like Royalty - Source: Liz Truss on Twitter

Dear Liz, I hope you’ll excuse the informality but dear ‘Foreign Secretary, Brexit Secretary and Women and Equalities Secretary’ is a bit of a mouthful. Let me start by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and congratulating you on your new role, even if it wasn’t the one you were actively […]


Protect your Freedom of Movement and EU Citizenship!

Sue Wilson MBE

How far would you go to protect your freedom of movement and EU citizenship rights? Many British citizens have taken the difficult decision to become citizens of an EU country. Here are personal stories how and why they remained European. How we lost EU Citizenship When Brexit negotiations first began freedom of movement was still […]

Hands off my Pension!

Sue Wilson MBE

British pensioners are worried about their income. For those reliant solely on the state pension, it can be a struggle to survive on what is the “world’s third worst” pension, and the lowest rate across Europe. According to data from Investing Reviews, the UK state pension is a mere 28.5% of pre-retirement earnings – less […]

International Women’s Day … 8 March 2021

Sue Wilson MBE

I’ve always had mixed feelings regarding events or campaigns aimed at a limited, albeit a discriminated against, sector of society. Is it fair or appropriate to celebrate the social, economic and political achievements of women while leaving men out of the picture? Perhaps the question shouldn’t be about whether it’s fair, but whether it’s necessary. […]

Is retirement in Spain now out of the question?

Sue Wilson MBE

If you have ever cast an eye over a foreign estate agent’s window, you’ve probably considered moving abroad. For some, that’s just a fleeting fantasy, induced by sun, relaxation, and perhaps a glass or two of vino. For others, it’s the start of a dream, or even a journey. From a young age, I dreamed […]

What Brexit means for British Expats in Europe

Sue Wilson MBE

If you are a Daily Mail reader – or even if you are not – you may well have seen their latest outraged headline criticising the EU. It reads: “Furious British expats blast EU’s new post-Brexit travel rules which will ban them from spending more than three months at a time at their holiday home […]