Author: Toby Hawkins

Toby is an anti-Boris, anti-Tory, pro-Europe, pro democracy 16 year old.

Thank You Teachers!

Toby Hawkins

2020, a year like no other, has caused us to need to thank so many people. Nurses, doctors, police officers, ambulance drivers, vaccine developers have all done their upmost to keep us safe. And teachers. Teachers who have kept schools open, have kept children safe and have kept doing their job when most of the […]

How to fix British Politics

Toby Hawkins

With 2020 nearly at an end, I think we can all agree it has been an insane, unprecedented and destructive year, both on a national and global level. 2020 has given us the Covid crisis, highlighted the climate crisis and revealed the poverty crisis. This year has provided riots, mass protests and chaos whilst also […]