Bristol seeks to Decarbonise its Buses

Bristol Buses - Source: Julian Greenbank
Bristol Buses – Source: Julian Greenbank

I’ve made so many videos about Bristol’s quest to be environmentally friendly, I might as well make it its own mini-series.

This time round, the City has been given a Grant of £500,000 from the Department of Transport to study how best to decarbonise its public transport system.

A trial will be conducted in three areas of the city on the best effective way to do this and the most successful of these trials will then be used city wide. If everything goes according to plan, Bristol’s public transport will be Carbon Zero by 2027.

The current plan is to have 250 electric buses operating by the end date. For comparison, First Bus says that it uses up to 100 buses in Bristol/Bath region.

The Grant will also be used to invest in Cycle Hangars for the many food delivery companies that operate in the city. The idea being that food will be brought to these hangars, to be picked up for the final mile of the journey by delivery people on bikes/electric vehicles.

All of these are planned to help the city achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2030, as was pledged to do so in 2018.

Watch the video below for more details.

Ed: Many authorities are facing difficult decisions on transport as reported in our March 2022 article on Gloucestershire County Council.

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