Britain is losing its Moral Fibre

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Dear Sirs,

As a child of a single parent growing up in London NW10 in the 1950’s / 60’s , I was taught by my mother that cheats do not prosper and lying was a sin. My mother came from a poor area of Fulham and was taught to read and write in a convent in the 1920’s. My mother struggled to bring my sister and me up, working three menial jobs a day. Neither she nor I had an elitist education in Eton and Balliol College Oxford.

Today, we have a Prime Minister who has no such basic principles, who indeed is only Prime Minister by cheating and lying for the last five years, telling voters what they want to hear instead of the truth and prospering mightily in his personal ambition.

Therefore, this proven serial liar of a Prime Minister has shown a younger generation that is it not only acceptable to lie and cheat, but it is necessary to get to the top.

I have recently written to both the Parliamentary Standards Commission and Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker of the House of Commons), listing by date eight examples of lies told to MP’s. They answered there was nothing they could do. Indeed  Johnson’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock on the 23rd of January 2020, famously stated to the House of Commons that:

Coronavirus was of low risk to the UK, which was well prepared, well equipped and world leaders in testing.”

So much for Standards  then by so called right honourable gentlemen.

I have now written a ten-page letter to the Good Law Project, putting the case for wilful misconduct in Public Office, a common law offence  triable on indictment.  I await their response. 

My overriding thoughts on whatever malaise besets Britain today, whether it is the Brexit collapse of exports, the demise of industries through Brexit red tape, the 126,000 Covid-19 deaths and counting, a £2tn recession, cronyism and chumocracy with privatised NHS contracts, are that the common denominator is that British Society has lowered its morals, it’s principles, by 14m of them electing Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister. Indeed where is the Queen as head of state on this, where is the Church of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury? I know where the Parliamentary Standards Commission is, and that is in impotence. 

How can a country and its citizens, including its government and press, be held in esteem on the world stage, if that country is willing to break agreements, laws and promote fake news, while the majority of people including political opposition parties turn a blind eye to it, even laugh, smile and joke about it?

Regardless of your politics, if you as a journalist, religious leader, politician, public servant or ordinary man or woman in the street sanctioning lies and cheating, it is not only the disingenuous Prime Minister that is dishonourable, it is you yourself, when you next look into the mirror.

Competence is lacking in 10 Downing Street, but it is the moral fibre of Britain which is shamefully crest fallen that is to blame.

Yours etc,

Allan Sharpe

Ed: Allan has written a more expanded version of this letter to the Good Law Project giving details of the lies which Boris Johnson has told.

Ed: Allan lives in Tunbridge Wells. He is a former BBC-TV Current Affairs Producer/Director and creator of the Facebook Group: “STOP BORIS Stop the Destruction of Britain”.

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