Build your own Martial Arts Studio at Home

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Working out at home is an excellent alternative when you can’t get to the gym. For martial artists especially, having a functional home gym is a great way to complement your regimen and to meet your fitness goals. Keeping your space safe, comfortable and productive requires some preparation though. In this article I explain what you need to know to make your home martial arts studio functional and safe for the whole family.

Fit out your Space with the Best Equipment

Whether you choose bodyweight workouts or cardio machines, you’ll need some equipment for your home martial arts studio.

  • Find a quality gym bag large enough to carry your gear and equipment.
  • You need a mat to keep you safe while you’re practicing. However buying a mat can be an expensive investment, so consider making your own DIY MMA mats.
  • You can also build your own pull-up bar to save money.
  • Invest in the best affordable home gym equipment. Look for quality, inexpensive items.
  • Not only will adding a functional martial arts studio help you practice a hobby with your family, but it could also benefit your home’s value.
Kids Martial Arts Class – Source: Creative Commons

Make it a Family Activity

Keeping kids active can be tough when they’re stuck indoors. Get them involved in martial arts as well!

  • Consider your child’s personality when choosing the right martial art practice for them to get involved with.
  • You can teach your kid martial arts at home or learn along with them with online martial arts classes. It’s best to wait until your kid is around five years old before you start training.
  • Learn how to encourage your child who wants to practice taekwondo.

Don’t forget to keep your Studio Clean!

Cleanup is key for keeping a healthy martial arts studio. Here are products and what you need to know to remove stains and kill germs.

  • Learn quick and simple ways to keep your gym clean, so it doesn’t harbour harmful bacteria.
  • If you have a rubber floor in your gym, there are specific ways to clean it. You can use a mild dish soap and mop or soft cloth. Make sure to avoid acidic cleaning agents as they can be too harsh on rubber floors.
  • Bleach cleaners can be very effective, but be careful about what you use them on.
  • Check your gym equipment for rust and be prepared to remove it.

Having a home setup for martial arts takes a bit of work, but it’s worth the effort. With the right equipment and cleaning strategies, you can have a healthy home gym for you and your kids.

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