Campaign for Free Movement for Musicians

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Reading Festival Poster – Source: Reading Festival

Ed: This Press Release from Young European Movement at Reading Festival to highlight their campaign for free movement for musicians is well worth supporting.

Activists from the Young European Movement (YEM UK) are set to campaign at the Reading Festival to raise concerns over the challenges musicians are facing after freedom of movement came to an end at the end of 2020.

The YEM campaigners will be talking to festival attendees passing by on Saturday and Sunday during the day, rain or shine. Campaigners hope to bring a hard wake up call to party-goers that the future prosperity of the music industry is at risk because of new regulations that make it impossibly uneconomical to tour Europe, notably the biggest market for British musicians.

YEM volunteer and co-organiser Alex Gunter said,

“After a challenging year the first thing many young people want to do is simply to have fun. People are desperate to meet friends, enjoy and drink and party. The last thing anyone wants is for the musicians that make parties great to be in serious trouble.”

“The Government has imposed a deal which is unworkable for musicians. Touring musicians didn’t choose these barriers to movement and business, and for this reason, I’ll be joining YEM outside the Reading Festival in support of British musicians.” added Hania Orzsulik, YEM volunteer and local co-organiser.

YEM UK President Julius Lajtha concluded:

“We will be joined by people from across the UK, all young activists demanding a better future. Music may seem trivial compared to big economic issues, but without music and culture we’d be nothing. Musicians don’t deserve to be a victim of politics and ideology: Let us protect our entertainment!”

Campaigners will be active on Friday from 3pm-8pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday from 11am-6pm. Please call Alex Gunter on 07546 556 152 to get in touch for interviews, footage and any additional information. The president of Young European Movement UK will also be available for interviews on site as well as online.

Kind regards

Alex Gunter

Young European Movement

Ed: West England Bylines supports the free movement of all people between the UK and the EU, not just musicians.

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