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Problems Registering in Portugal

James Campbell

On the stroke of midnight (11pm UK time) on 31 January 2020, after 47 years of membership, the UK officially left the EU. There followed an 11 month transition period to 31 December 2020. The clock was then ticking for EU & UK citizens to register their status to ensure they kept their pre-Brexit rights. […]


The Dark Side of Social Media – The ‘Alternative Influencer’

Dr H Stattos

According to Niccolò Machiavelli (who never heard of the internet let alone an alternative influencer): “Men judge generally more by the eye than by the hand, for everyone can see and few can feel. Everyone sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are.” (Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, 1532). This is a […]

Blah Blah Blah

Peter Burke

Was COP26 an opportunity lost? Was it always destined to be? Could there be a link to Brexit? What do you think?!


Protect your Freedom of Movement and EU Citizenship!

Sue Wilson

How far would you go to protect your freedom of movement and EU citizenship rights? Many British citizens have taken the difficult decision to become citizens of an EU country. Here are personal stories how and why they remained European. How we lost EU Citizenship When Brexit negotiations first began freedom of movement was still […]

The Climate Emergency – Part 2: What to do and what to stop doing

Bob Copeland

As with stopping Covid-19 from spreading, it should not be difficult to see what needs to be done and what we need to stop doing, to save the planet. However, judging by what the UK government has just announced, it is clearly beyond their capability. What needs to be done to help save the planet […]

COP26 – Real Progress or just more Hot Air?

Martin Griffiths

Is COP26 solving problems or is it just so much more political rhetoric, green-washing and hot air? The planet is in trouble. Climate change is having a devastating impact and while historically it is the G20 countries that have made the greatest impact by burning dirty fossil fuels, it is poorer countries and their people […]

Build your own Martial Arts Studio at Home

Charlene Roth

Working out at home is an excellent alternative when you can’t get to the gym. For martial artists especially, having a functional home gym is a great way to complement your regimen and to meet your fitness goals. Keeping your space safe, comfortable and productive requires some preparation though. In this article I explain what […]


Climate Emergency – Citizens do have Power!

Paul Ryder

Gregorio Mirabal is General Coordinator of the COICA (Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin) and was their representative to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) World Conservation Congress in September this year. He is a prime example that citizens do have power. In my previous article, I argued that […]

Mimmo Lucano Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison!

Hazel Pennington

Domenico ‘Mimmo’ Lucano, the former mayor whose efforts to integrate refugees into his small town of Riace in Calabria brought global recognition, was sentenced on 30 September 2021 at the court in Locri to thirteen years and two months in prison. He was also requested to repay €500,000 provided by the EU and the Italian […]

The Climate Emergency – It’s Looking Very Perilous

Paul Ryder

Innate in human nature is a desire to protect and improve our situation in life, and a readiness to do this collectively. People with poor situations want, very reasonably, to improve themselves with better housing, food and conditions, yet people with already good situations still want, less reasonably, to get even better housing, food and […]

Afghanistan – The Graveyard of Empires

Dr Helmut Hubel

After 20 years of war in Afghanistan, the Presidents Trump and Biden have ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops – without any meaningful consultation among its NATO allies. For the UK, the hasty withdrawal constitutes the end of its third war in Afghanistan – after 1839-1842 and 1878-1880. After the defeats of the British empire, […]

The Covid Climate Crisis

Amber Hill

The world has been put on pause, but climate change hasn’t. What on Earth is going on? 2021. Some would, quite rightly, describe it as a year filled with tragedy. All of us have felt the impacts of Covid-19, whether it’s been through losing loved ones to the illness or being shut up in our […]

Can we condone Biden’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Claire Jones

It is one thing not to intervene in the first place, (though where there’s slaughter of people, the morality of non-intervention even here is questionable). It’s quite another to intervene with a 20 year programme of human rights improvements, education, increased stability and safety for women and then decide to remove it again, effectively overnight. […]

As the World gets Hotter – Small Steps must become a Stride!

Martin Griffiths

Recently, The UK’s Committee for Climate Change (CCC) issued a report painting a stark picture of the increased risks of wildfires, floods, storms, landslides and droughts becoming increasingly common. The impact, even in a northern European country like the UK, could be devastating, with disruption of food supplies, risks to crops and livestock, damage to […]

“Bring on madness, banish reason” (King Lear)

Book Review by X Libris

In 1937 Jean Renoir directed a film called ‘La Grande Illusion’ about French prisoners-of-war during World War I. The title came from a book published in 1909 by Norman Angell called ‘The Great Illusion’ which argued that war is futile because of the common economic interests of all European nations. This is, of course, the  […]


Agroecological Farms are Needed to End Food Colonialism

Julian Greenbank

George Richmond tells our video reporter Julian Greenbank why it’s so important for farming to migrate to an agroecological base. Agroecology may be a new term to many but it is being promoted by many responsible environmental organisations. The British ‘Soil Association‘ defines agroecology as: “… sustainable farming that works with nature”. The United Nations […]

NEUws from Elsewhere

Philip Cole

France: first the disturbing news More than a thousand mostly retired officers, including twenty generals, have published an open letter with a barely concealed call for a military coup in France, reports the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) on 29 April. They want to prevent what they call the ‘disintegration’ of France. Only military ‘intervention’, they […]

Johnson, Eco-Warrior?

Paul Ryder

Katy Balls is Deputy Political Editor at The Spectator magazine. Prime Minister Johnson was editor there before becoming an MP. Johnson’s new spokesperson Allegra Stratton is married to a senior Spectator journalist. The Spectator website says, ‘We uphold strict standards of accuracy’. It is clear therefore that they report accurately what is going on in […]

Language matters

Hazel Pennington

Write to us at Why would anyone learn a foreign language just now? For the moment we can’t travel beyond our shores, and we’ve lost the freedom of movement within Europe that we enjoyed as part of the EU. Besides, doesn’t everyone speak English? Well actually they don’t, and anyway, even if you never left […]

Black, White, Black

Martin Griffiths

Write to us at Martin Griffiths looks at the impact of history on language transference and music. A 1986 BBC TV series and subsequent book, “The Story of English” (McCrum, Cran and MacNeil) says that: “‘Black English’ [or African-American Vernacular English] is the product of one of the most infamous episodes in the history of […]

Let’s drop ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’

Ev Francis

Write to us at Last week I wrote a tweet, as I do probably once a day, sometimes more. The tweet read: “I’d like ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ (CFS) to be dropped as a term’. The tweet went viral and I felt like Piers Morgan – difference being I wasn’t spouting tedious commentary on Prince Harry […]

There are Millions Missing from their lives due to ME

A reader writes...

Ed: Updated with more links – 11 April 2021Write to us at Dear Editor, #millionsMissing.  Have you heard about it? “ME/CFS”. Do you know what it is? 12 May is not only my birthday but also the sixth anniversary of Myalgic Encephomyelitis (ME) International Awareness Day for the #MillionsMissing. This has been represented in many […]

Violence against Women – What Can Men Do?

Julian Greenbank

Write to us at It feels like an age ago when the controversial police response to a vigil held at Clapham Common hit us. It feels even longer since we heard about the devastating news of Sarah Everard’s death itself. Something about Sarah Everard’s death seemed to hit the country hard. Maybe it was because […]

Global Britain, Greenhouse Gases and Nukes

Hadrian Cook

Write to us at At least Dominic Raab is talking to the BBC (he’s the one who did not realise that Dover is a significant port). On the Today Programme (16 March) Raab was leading forth on a leak from the forthcoming report on ‘Global Britain’. I may have been half-asleep, but I am sure […]

The stigma around a ‘Feminist’

Ava Masani, Lottie Cooper & Georgie Charlesworth

Write to us at Why you should care? Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? There is a wide misconception that those who call themselves a ‘Feminist’ consider women to be superior to men, think that women deserve more rights than men, or even, are ‘men-hating’. However, feminism and misandry (dislike and prejudice against […]


It’s just the Colour

Martin Griffiths

It’s just the colour of my skin.It’s not a coatI bought to wear. I also feel the sun,Smell the earthAnd hear the birds sing. I work and play,Dance and eatAnd hold my child’s hand. I kiss, I love,I smile, I cryAnd if I’m pricked, I bleed. It’s just the colour of my skin.It’s not a […]


Populism and the Corruption of the Republican Party

Paul Ryder

Write to us at Populism Populism has a democratic-appearing, people-oriented, inclusive-sounding name, but there is nothing cuddly about it. It is exploitative, divisive demagoguery, relying on lies, slogans and scapegoating of an invented enemy. It garners support for a movement, Party or Leader to enable power to be acquired and minority interests and policies to […]