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Biden’s Inspiration for a Radically Better Future for the United Kingdom

Paul Ryder

The Inauguration of Biden Joe Biden is a politician with decades of experience at the highest level of US politics. With the energetic support of his Democratic Party, its senior politicians and its supporters, and despite all the rancour, anti-democratic and hateful un-American behaviour of the Republican Party, he has risen to the occasion of […]

How can we clean up the Internet?

Stephen Kinsella

Across the world, governments are starting to wake up to the problems caused by unchecked “free speech” online. They are realising not only that they must act, but also that action is possible and will be popular. In the US the new administration is showing signs that it will grasp the challenge posed by the […]


Whither UK Democracy Post Trump?

Paul Ryder

The Donald Trump Presidency, the US Presidential election and its aftermath prompt thoughts about the UK. How and why have US politics gone this way? Could it all happen here in the UK? How secure is UK democracy?

Johnson v Trump – The Suppression of Democracy

Liz Price

This is the second in a three-part series looking at the parallel perils of Trump and Johnson’s leaderships. Part one looked at how both leaders have handled the pandemic. In part two, Liz Price examines their leadership styles and their common desire to deny debate.

White Privilege

Guy Maughfling

There’s one constant thread that runs through the Penguin History of the United States by Hugh Brogan: race. Many generations after the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery in 1865, its scars are still visible. Hardly surprising, given the country nearly split in a civil war after Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 […]

Johnson v Trump – The Parallels of Death, Dishonesty and Division

Liz Price

Liz Price examines the parallel perils of Trump and Johnson’s leaderships, starting with a look at their handling of the pandemic. While we look on at the entrenched division and the violence in the US, we should take a long, hard and uncomplacent look at our democracy under Johnson.

Riace: Solidarity on Trial

Hazel Pennington

In the two decades up to 2018 more than 6,000 refugees passed through the small town of Riace in Calabria.  A good number made their home there. Riace, like much of the Italian south, had for many years suffered depopulation as young people left in search of a better life, leaving behind a predominantly elderly […]

Negotiating Skills for Beginners

Eric Gates
Men discussing something

As anyone with small children will know, negotiating skills are learned early in life. Obviously, I do not presume to be in the same league as those who write books on “The Art of the Deal”, but I would claim to have a little first-hand experience to draw on. A grandparent speaks of his negotiating […]

Trump’s Towering Legacy

Martin Griffiths

As Donald Trump cements his place in history and infamy, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger who posted a video on social media, which most clearly condemned Trump as a ‘failed leader’ and held him and his rhetoric responsible for inflaming those who broke into the Senate and caused such extreme damage. In his video, Schwarzenegger went […]

We have to change Direction in Farming

George Richmond

We can feed ourselves with healthy food, and we need to start doing so. That was the clear message from the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission’s latest report, Farming for Change. The report stated that ‘we can grow enough healthy food for a future 2050 UK population’, but in order to do this we must […]

It is our Time to “Eat”

Guy Maughfling

One of the first Kiswahili words I learned when I first landed in Nairobi in 1989 was “WaBenzi”. As described by Shiva Naipaul in “North of South: an African Journey”, WaBenzi were corrupt politicians and their associates who drove around town in fancy Mercedes Benz, while most people lived on $2 a day or less. […]

Washington D.C. – 6 January 2021 – Trump’s assault on Capitol Hill

Dr Helmut Hubel

One day after the spectacular attack against the U.S. Parliament, the German historian, retired Professor Wolfram Siemann published an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine, one of the leading German newspapers, entitled „Gebt mir ein Blutbad!“ (Give me a bloodbath!). Siemann argues that the U.S. President, when inciting his followers to storm the Capitol, had a […]

Borders and Boundaries – An Email from Northern Ireland.

Martin Griffiths

One of my old college friends who has spent her life working as an illustrator and nurse in Northern Ireland recently wrote the following email to him, which highlights some of her personal concerns regarding the future. I believe that it’s better that we work towards bringing people together than putting up barriers between them […]

Looking at the Stars in a Time of Dejection

Martin Griffiths

How to survive the post Brexit Blues and Lockdown Lows. Martin Griffiths recommends we look to the stars to find light in the darkness. Oscar Wilde wrote, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. With this, Wilde reminds us that however low we feel, whatever the darkness, […]

Welcome to 2021 – Outside the EU

Jon Hill

Many people are marking the end of an era with some poignant articles. The consequences of our decision to actually leave the European Union are becoming apparent.Here are some takes from the world press. This from a descendent of German refugees electing to become a German citizen rather than stay with this country without values […]

This wouldn’t have happened without the Trump Enablers

Guy Maughfling

After the initial shock of seeing angry men with feeble beards invade Washington and interrupt a session in the House of Congress, including one dressed as a shaman complete with fur hat and horns (I still don’t know what that is about), my first thought, naturally, was of Franz von Papen. Papen was Chancellor of […]

What does the Deal do for British citizens in Europe?

The Editor

The answer is absolutely nothing! Reaction to the deal agreed between the UK and the EU from British citizens living in Europe (UKinEU) has been understandably cool. The four and a half years of negotiations have devoted little time to the needs of the 3 million EU citizens in UK (UKinEU) and the 1.3 million […]

We Need Smaller, Shorter and Slower Global Trade

Ed Sawyer

To achieve net-zero carbon emissions we need global trade to be smaller, shorter, and slower. To do this, we need to reconsider our dependence on materials and products sourced from around the world. As Brexit negotiations continue and the UK makes trade agreements with countries such as Vietnam, Japan and Singapore, it’s an important time to reflect […]


A constitutional crisis neatly averted

Philip Cole

The European Union sees itself as embodying certain fundamental liberal values and the concept of the rule of law. In both Hungary and Poland there have been attacks on the independence of the courts and the media and an alarming lurch towards autocracy. The EU, not surprisingly, sees this as a threat to its core […]

Food must become Political

George Richmond

In spite of some ropey internet connection and little chance to give a full speech, Luke Pollard MP stated very clearly that food must become more political. Pollard is the Labour MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport and the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. He was speaking at the forward-looking […]

Better Together

Paul Ryder

In the beginning. When animals and homo sapiens were emerging from very early life forms, millennia ago, nature evolved male and female separately so that creating offspring would need two parents. This contributed enormously to their security and life chances. Later, humans formed groups and tribes, which further improved their safety and well-being, as the […]

Oh what a tangled web we weave …

Book Review by X Libris

According to Ian Dunt, author of ‘How to be a liberal’ (Canbury Press, 2020; £25), liberalism was born the moment Decartes wrote: ‘I am a real thing, and really exist, but what thing? A thinking thing’. Liberalism then went back to its cot for a few years to re-emerge, in a different form, with the […]

It’s not a joke

Martin Griffiths

Trump’s refusal to accept that he is a loser not only shows him to be a spoilt baby unable to accept defeat but, as Obama told CBS’s Scott Pelley, “It’s one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration but democracy in general.” Trump and his allies have continued to challenge the results […]

Billy No-Mates

Peter Burke

It looks as if the next 2 months will go down in history on both sides of the Atlantic

Food for Thought

Martin Griffiths

A Meat Eater chews over some Food Dilemma Issues. The debate on food poverty has been a hot political potato but the dilemma is not only how do we eat well on a budget but how do we eat well and what do we eat? It’s a political hot potato! While multiple agencies, charities and […]

A Green Biden Presidency?

Guy Maughfling

I’ve wanted Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister ever since he publicly backed the Leave campaign in a direct challenge to David Cameron in March 2016. Not because of his politics and certainly not because of his character. I’m with Max Hastings, whose article for The Guardian as long ago as 2012 was headlined “For […]

Lying as a Political Strategy

Paul Ryder

President Trump’s “Deal” with the American people was: “I will lie to you and you will vote for me”. According to the Washington Post’s Fact Checker Trump spoke over 20,000 lies during his term as President. Some of them were very big indeed, and very influential like: ‘Climate change is a hoax’, ‘Wearing a mask […]