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Electric Car Savings Revisited

Bob Irving

Following on from Chloë Davies’s article which wrote about the possible savings from an electric car due to its using electricity instead of fossil fuels, it’s worthwhile flagging up the other savings (and the odd extra cost) due to replacing a fuel car with an electric one. Electric Vehicles are simpler Most of these savings […]

Musical Notes

Martin Griffiths

Ed: This poem from Martin is part of a collection of poems and illustrations which his wife, Pamela Richmond, has bound as her exhibition entry for ‘A Gathering of Leaves‘, the Designer Bookbinders International Competition, to be held at the Bodleian Library next year. We also show a picture of Pamela’s unique, leather bound Fine […]

Walk – A Poem

Martin Griffiths

Write to us at I’ve walked this way before.Down the steep slopeInto a fog of darkness Where iron-black treesCage my breathWith their un-giving silence. Then I find youStanding besides me.Taking my hand,Intertwining our fingers,We walk together once more. Out through the cutting cold,The drizzle and the dark.Back up onto Harebell Hill Where once, a warmer […]

Film, Food & Romance – Savour the Flavours on Valentine’s Night

Martin Griffiths

Maybe the run-up to Valentine’s Night in Lockdown is a good time to review both our film watching and perk up our romantic food choices. When it comes to film, there’s plenty of romance being dished up and lashings of sex. From the smoldering intensity in “Casablanca”, the smug innuendo in the “Carry On” films […]

Blue Passports and Narrowed Horizons

Aliye Cornish

Musicians are known for their versatility, and it’s clear that the profession will have to change in order to survive, in ways that remain to be seen. This is a real tragedy, not just for the loss to Britain’s previously-thriving cultural scene which was held in high regard internationally, but also for the fact that, like so many industries, the individuals who will be hit hardest are the ones who can least afford it.

Negotiating Skills for Beginners

Eric Gates
Men discussing something

As anyone with small children will know, negotiating skills are learned early in life. Obviously, I do not presume to be in the same league as those who write books on “The Art of the Deal”, but I would claim to have a little first-hand experience to draw on. A grandparent speaks of his negotiating […]