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Word Salad and War on the Poor

Mark Haller

The recent Conservative conference was a real feast of word salad, ‘a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases’, culminating in an appalling speech from the PM that ignored a series of crises of historical proportions.  This word salad disguises a deliberate war on the poor. Let us walk through some implications […]


Representation for All – Labour’s Last Chance?

Claire Jones

I love Brighton. It has its share of shabby corners and deprivation but it’s still a remarkable town. As I stood on the promenade at the Labour conference, armed with GetPRDone’s promotional material on Proportional Representation (PR), it struck me that Brighton could even be a metaphor for a brighter, progressive political future. Led in part by […]

Progressive Media reports on Demo at Tory Party Conference

The Editor

On Saturday, a coalition of national and local campaigns convened in Manchester to tell the Tory Party and the UK Government that BREXIT ISN’T WORKING and that popular demand is rising for action to tackle our growing national crisis and set a new direction. The rally was organised by Manchester for Europe, supported by Grassroots […]

Energy Security is National Security

Mark Haller

Following on from recent failures to protect the UK from energy volatility, it is prudent to search out some facts on Energy Security, which is a complex and wide issue. Is the Government lazy or has it just focused on the wrong priorities? Energy Security and Russia We are currently bouncing around a bunch of issues that […]


Non-voting: How to solve a growing Problem

Tom Crook

However we might feel about the merits of Proportional Representation (PR), or electoral alliances, the likelihood – indeed certainty – is that we think that non-voting is a bad thing. The right to vote has been hard won, after all. Think of the Chartists and the Suffragettes. Surely we should exercise this right? And voting […]

The Muppets Show

Toby Hawkins

Toby tells us what we already know – UK is being run by “The Muppets Show”. UK has lost its status as a respected world leader.


We Need To Talk About TIGRR

Peter Burke

Turning back the clock on metrication is something the UK needs like a hole in the head. Is this just another ‘Dead Cat’?

On Another Planet

James Campbell

If Britain is “Global”, then it must be on some other planet, because it’s not “Global” here on Earth! Such is the feeling you get reading the contrasting accounts of the daily news from the British and European media. Since moving to Portugal at the end of 2020 I have seen first-hand how the UK […]

Step by Step, back into Europe

Martin Griffiths

Martin Griffiths reports on Lord Andrew Adonis’ visit to Malvern for Europe and his suggested route for the UK’s step by step return to the EU. At a meeting on 17 September hosted by Malvern for Europe, their guest speaker Lord Andrew Adonis reviewed the factors leading up to Brexit, the perils facing the UK […]

Electric Car Savings Revisited

Bob Irving

Following on from Chloë Davies’s article which wrote about the possible savings from an electric car due to its using electricity instead of fossil fuels, it’s worthwhile flagging up the other savings (and the odd extra cost) due to replacing a fuel car with an electric one. Electric Vehicles are simpler Most of these savings […]


Churchill called for a United Europe

Jon Danzig

Ed: Jon Danzig posts a daily video on the state of Britain. This one shows Sir Winston Churchill’s Zurich speech of 1946 proposing the formation of the “United States of Europe” and his grandson Nicholas Soames’ impassioned speech to Parliament in 2016 pleading for Britain to stay in Europe. It was 75 years ago today […]

Progressive Alliances and Proportional Representation

Philip Cole

As far as this article is concerned a ‘progressive’ is someone who – in this or any order – wants the UK to rejoin the EU; wants to save the planet from ecocide; unreservedly supports the NHS; believes that in a decent society the strong have a moral duty to support the weak (i.e. we […]

NICE Guidelines on ME Treatment Delayed

Ev Francis

I want to begin by casting your memory back to four years. Four years ago, I sat in a neurologist’s clinic being told that the tests I’d endured were clearly not showing any reasons for my chronic fatigue, numbness and cognitive issues. The neurologist came to the conclusion that it had to be ‘Chronic Fatigue […]

WASPI Women vindicated!

Elizabeth Stanley

Q: What’s purple and doesn’t go away? A: Women Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI). Across the country, women who were born in the 1950s are celebrating a moral victory. In July the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) ruled that it was maladministration when they were not given adequate notice that their State Pension Age […]


Eurovision: please accept this UK Entry!

Malcolm Atkins

Ed: Since UK has been cast adrift from Europe this letter is going out to fellow Europeans to at least be part of Eurovision next year. Dear Fellow European, I am writing to you from a small island off the coast of Europe which has been taken over by a coordinated coup of media press […]

Pigs to the Slaughter

Mark Haller

100,000 pigs could possibly be slaughtered due to a shortage of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers, which in turn is due to Brexit mis-management

Lessons from the Pandemic

Dr Phil Hammond
Lessons from the pandemic

Covid has not just been a terrible pandemic, but also a stress test for the UK and the world, exposing all our system weaknesses in coping with an unprecedented global threat, and how such a threat disproportionately harms the poorest and those who are already suffering the most. We may have all been in the same pandemic storm, but we have been in very different boats.

Hands off my Pension!

Sue Wilson

British pensioners are worried about their income. For those reliant solely on the state pension, it can be a struggle to survive on what is the “world’s third worst” pension, and the lowest rate across Europe. According to data from Investing Reviews, the UK state pension is a mere 28.5% of pre-retirement earnings – less […]

Childhood Innocence in the 1940’s

Paul Ryder

I was born in 1942 in a large town in Essex. I did not take an interest in national affairs until hearing the distressing and frightening reports on BBC radio in the early 1950s about the Korean War – desperately hoping my father would not be called up to serve again. He had joined up […]

Campaign for Free Movement for Musicians

The Editor

Ed: This Press Release from Young European Movement at Reading Festival to highlight their campaign for free movement for musicians is well worth supporting. Activists from the Young European Movement (YEM UK) are set to campaign at the Reading Festival to raise concerns over the challenges musicians are facing after freedom of movement came to […]

Are the British a “Gaslit” Nation?

Annette Shaw

“Gaslighting” has become a widely used term in recent years and its impacts are well documented.  For those who are still not familiar with the meaning of the word, it is a form of psychological manipulation.  The term derives from a 1938 play, Gaslight, and later films, where a husband tries to drive his wife […]

Protecting the Vulnerable from Covid

Andrew Milroy

Ed: One of our writers sent this letter to his Doctor MP last month on the need to protect the vulnerable. This message is still relevant today. Dear Dr Murrison, You told me of the long term dangers of Covid, that it shortens life. That vaccination protects people.  Unfortunately there are 500,000 immune compromised people […]

A Woman’s Work is Never Done – Caring in the Time of Covid

Barbara Morrison

The division of work between women and men is, and has long been, profoundly gendered. Women’s access to equal paid work, leisure time and power remains constrained by their traditional social roles as carers and mothers even as they have entered and remained in the labour market in greater numbers. There is an expectation that […]

Mr. Starmer – Please commit to Proportional Representation

Alex Haida

I’m finally able to get out again and I can get back to what I love, campaigning for Volt. I received my second Covid jab a little while ago and, although it gives me my freedom, I still check that I have my face mask with me when I leave the house. Fair voting will […]

Hic, haec, hoc – Gavin winds back the Clock

Philip Cole

The Education Secretary’s recent announcement that he wants state schools to start teaching Latin again was met with a mixture of disbelief and assorted expletives. It is a predictably badly thought-out initiative. At a purely practical level the question is whether this will mean increasing total teaching hours per week. Or will some other subject […]