Councillor Candidate on Oxfordshire’s “Fair Deal Alliance”

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Oxfordshire’s “Fair Deal Alliance” – Source: BBC

The results of the 2021 elections were more interesting than people initially thought. While Conservative gains in the Hartlepool by-election and council elections were predicted by many, there were a few shock results.

Dan Norris being elected mayor of the West of England Combined Authority (Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and Bath and North East Somerset) was one. What many pollster did not see coming was the Conservatives losing control of Oxfordshire County Council.

With the Conservatives unable to create a ruling majority with their own seats plus a few independents, it was left to the other parties to create a Traffic Light (Red, Amber, Green) Coalition, known as the “Fair Deal Alliance”.

I sat down with Sean Hannigan, who had been the Labour candidate for Benson and Cholsey, to talk about the results, not just in his own seat but also across Oxfordshire and what this Alliance could mean for people living in the county.

Watch my interview here:

Sean was particularly hopeful that a living wage for Oxfordshire could be implemented by this Alliance.

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