Councils clash over Bath’s Clean Air Zone

Bath Clean Air Zone 2021 – Source: Bath & East Somerset Council

Last month, I wrote about Bristol finally agreeing to a Clean Air Zone in their city centre. Also back in June Will Luker marked Cheltenham’s Clean Air Day.  However, they’re not the only West England cities making changes to their fight against pollution.

Bath, which implemented its Clean Air Zone in March 2021, has seen such a success to the Zone they implemented, they’re looking about expanding it to further, this time to include newer models of HGVs over 12 tonnes. The rules previously applied  only to HGVs made between 1992 and 2000.

This has been done to preserve many landmarks from corrosion, such as Cleveland Bridge, which they could previously go over.

Wiltshire County Council has expressed its opposition to these proposed changes, saying that the vehicles would make their way through the county, effectively shunting Bath’s pollution onto Wiltshire instead.

Please watch our new format video showing the major councillors of both sides of the argument and their views on the matter.

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