Devizes LibDems respond to MP’s Commons Speech

Market Square Devizes - Wikimedia Commons - CC BY-SA 2.0
Market Square Devizes – Wikimedia Commons – CC BY-SA 2.0

Women’s right to abortion has been thrust into the spotlight after the US Supreme Court ruling recently. Here in West of England, Devizes LibDems were appalled by the speech made by their MP Danny Kruger in the Commons the other day on the topic. His comments were so outrageous that even the Mainstream Media reported on it as did women’s interest groups.

Chair, David Kinnaird thought fit to issue this press release on the subject.

Once again our MP stands up in the House of Commons and says things that distance him from many in his constituency.  This week, on abortion, he confirmed that he does not think women have an absolute right to bodily autonomy.   Women across the UK were saddened and shocked as they saw the unfolding news of the rollback of federal protection of abortion rights in the US, but would have been comforted by the UK’s position. But it seems there are still people who want to deny rights to women in the UK that have long been fought for and assumed to be settled.  

Mr Kruger was never a good choice for Devizes – parachuted into the constituency and causing the local conservative chair to resign.  Every time he speaks he proves he is out of touch with local opinion.  His devotion to Johnson is almost religious and at odds with many of his colleagues and most of his local supporters, let alone constituents. He refers to constituents critical of Johnson as “the usual haters” and still believes Johnson has been “anointed” to lead the country,

He remains still a Brexit fanatic, unable to honestly critique how we are handling our new future outside the EU, and he fully supports the tearing up of the NI protocol just 18 months after he his leader pushed it through to ‘get BREXIT done’.

At the next election, Devizes deserves better.  This latest, shocking statement that attacks women’s fundamental rights is too much.  As the people of Tiverton have shown, when you get a rotten MP and rotten leader, it might be time to place your vote in another box.  

For all that this is a piece of electioneering, it has a message for all who hold Britain’s democratic values of tolerance and freedom. And a woman’s right to abortion is one of those. 

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