Eurovision: please accept this UK Entry!

UK Entry – 2019 Eurovision Song Contest – Source: wikimedia Commons

Ed: Since UK has been cast adrift from Europe this letter is going out to fellow Europeans to at least be part of Eurovision next year.

Dear Fellow European,

I am writing to you from a small island off the coast of Europe which has been taken over by a coordinated coup of media press barons and self-interested politicians. Unfortunately this European island set up a trial system of democracy that is no longer working and is now always dominated by one of two parties both of whom have a tendency to be controlled by vested financial interests that can support their campaigning.

One party has excelled at this manipulation of an outdated system and in a bid to retain power and bring back the traditional British support of the wealthy by the poor a minority have taken over and gone against national interests in commerce and welfare for personal benefit.

The other party tried to stand against corporate interests but this attempt was brought down by a campaign of disinformation instigated by billionaire media owners and friends of the ruling elite.

As a result, although the majority in the country see the idiocy of treating this island as separate from the continent where the exchange of goods, learning and opportunity was always available  a minority has hijacked power and continues to work to maintain that position through suppression of voting rights, discussion and a free media.

As Europeans we ask that we enter a song to the Eurovision song contest 2022 in recognition of the fact that we see ourselves as part of Europe and as such be labelled Continental Albion (as opposed to the existing UK which could be re-labelled Incontinent Albion). The existing UK government has a very tight control over Eurovision entries as it now uses intimidation and management promotion to control the public broadcasting corporation that selects entrants. For that reason however popular and appropriate our song is we know it will have very little chance of a fair hearing from Incontinent Albion.

We feel that our ability to share in a European cultural event will bring real benefits to us and to those fellow Europeans who are as nonplussed as we are at the economic and cultural suicide wrought by a selfish few.

Our entry is here and we would ask you consider it seriously as an opportunity for a rapidly sinking island to make essential cultural connections. This is just a taster and the full three minute version required is available if this is of interest.

Yours Europeanly,

‘Continental Albion’

Ed: Why not tell your MP that this letter is going out to Eurovision.

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