I Don’t see any Evidence

Evidence bz Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free

I don’t see any evidence
Of the mess we’ve made
I don’t see any evidence 
Of the games we’ve played

The parties in my house
The corruption in my party
I don’t see any evidence
So people, have a heart

And see the suffering I bear
Clinging selfishly to power
How unfair it is that Brexit
Was to be my finest hour

And now this bloody virus
Leaves my legacy in tatters
All this dying and complaining
And you’ve missed what really matters

I brought you all your freedom
From all that EU red tape
By printing lies on buses
So that now you can’t escape 

The embarrassment of my
Not so United Kingdom
So bereft of hope and glory
Empty words, but you must sing them

‘Cos I don’t see any evidence
That I shouldn’t take the lead
I don’t see any evidence
That my schemes will not succeed

I don’t see any evidence 
That reason should prevail
I don’t see evidence that
Our burning world will fail

That our people will all suffer
If it’s leaders do not choose
To put truth before themselves
I’m just too weak, so I refuse

To lead with any vision
For a bold and better place
My parties more important
Well, that and saving face.

The country, lost and rudderless
Can sink into the sea
I don’t see any evidence
That it’s because of me

I don’t see any evidence
And that is why I say
Forget responsibility
Let’s just wait for Sue Gray.

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