Issue #27 – New Year 2022

A Happy New Year to all our readers.
We hope you’ve enjoyed reading West England Bylines in 2021. We’ve published some 250 articles and had nearly 300,000 views online. We covered the climate emergency, the coronavirus pandemic, electoral reform, immigration, the effects of Brexit and much more. We also published some poems, cartoons and book reviews.
As well as featuring our recent articles, this special issue presents the most popular articles of 2021. In January Adrian Phillips asked where his patriotism had gone and Liz Price compared Johnson to Trump. In March Hazel Pennington warned us that Eurostar was under threat. In April Adrian Phillips’ open letter to Keir Starmer went viral. In September Mark Haller wrote a series of articles on the energy crisis which is still with us. Then in December Sue Wilson wrote an open letter to Liz Truss hoping for a thaw after Frost!

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