Issue #28 – 4 February 2022

Update 8 March 2022 – International Women’s Day
Solidarity with Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini – Maria Oksentiyivna Prymachenko

24 February 2022 – So Putin has invaded Ukraine. Read Dr Helmut Hubel’s articles on Putin and the crisis. Ed.
This month we feature Claire Jones on ‘Partygate’ and Barbara Morrison on the looming cost of living crisis. Sue Wilson has written another letter to Liz Truss asking how she is going to square the circle of Brexit. Professor Helmut Hubel has been busy explaining how Putin is restoring Stalinism to Russia. Paul Ryder explores the art of losing and the meaning of wellbeing, while Stephen Hunt shows how the Kurds can teach us about handling climate change. And don’t miss our ‘Women in Focus’ section.

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Local & National Events – June 2022

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07.06 17:00 – Grassroots for Europe – Round Table
07.06 20:00 – Bath for Europe – Mike Galsworthy speaks.
08.06 20:00 – Cambridge for Europe – Deconstructing Brexit Discourses
11.06 – All Day – Make Votes Matter – ‘Get Moving for PR’ Action Day
22.06 – 09:00 – Uk in a Changing Europe – The World Beyond Brexit
25.06 – 10:00 – Social Liberal Forum – UK and Europe

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