Issue #33 – 04 July 2022

Update 07 July 2022
When can we be rid of the worst Prime Minister ever?
His ‘Resignation’ is only a promise. He must go immediately!
Read Peter Burke’s take on this rapidly changing issue.

West England Bylines stands in Solidarity with Ukraine.
Donate to DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal here

Sunflowers near Odesa – CC BY 1.0

Sunflowers and Ukraine.

This is the first month without an article on Ukraine. We shall remedy this next month. West England Bylines fully supports any assistance humanitarian and military Ukrainians need to survive this unjust invasion.

Welcome to your July Issue.
Refugees are not forgotten with Hazel Pennington updating us on the appeal for the ex-mayor of Riace against a draconian prison sentence and Nabeela Akhtar on the immorality of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda.
Liz Webster writes that after the Vote of Confidence, Johnson is now a ‘Dead Man Walking’. Across the Channel Philip Cole highlights Emmanuel Macron’s dilemma after the recent elections. Julian Greenbank has produced two videos on Bristol – one on the Mayor banning journalists, the other on decarbonising its buses. Devizes MP is attacked for his remarks on women’s right to abortion in the wake of the US Supreme Court ruling. Another ruling, this by the EU Court of Justice, that UK citizens do not have a right to EU citizenship is reported by Sue Wilson.
Martin Griffiths takes a sobering look at the history of Britain’s attitude to immigration. George Richmond calls for radical changes to our food strategy.  
And many more articles on topics from Electoral Cooperation to the Power of Wind and a return to Imperial Measures.
And don’t forget we’re adding articles all the time. Happy reading!


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