Let’s Go Change the World – We need Leadership in Opposition

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Obama Campaigning – Source: Lynn Campbell on Wikimedia Commons

UK Politics has changed a lot since the days of Blair, Kennedy and Major.

Right now, we live under a Tory rule where the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers seem to be doing everything they can to remove our rights and change what we know to be British into their own vision of what it should be.

However the opposition parties are running around like headless chickens, wondering where they fit in in this new Post-Brexit Britain.

They seem to be short of ideas, sometimes seeming to “pretend nothing has happened” at others saying “let’s copy what they’re doing”.

I sit down with West England Bylines writer, Tobias Hawkins, to get his opinion on what the opposition parties and particularly the Labour Party can do to regain power in this nation.

Tobias makes the point that Opposition Leaders need to lead like Barak Obama with his “Let’s Change the World” campaign.

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