Letter to Wiltshire Conservatives

By ROGER ROBERTS, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14601441

Open Letter to Nick Stovold, Chair of Wiltshire Conservatives

Dear Mr Stovold,

The Conservative Party has always been seen as the party of Law and Order. Defending the Rule of Law.

Alas no more.

The party of Margaret Thatcher is disappearing under a tidal wave of corruption and sleaze.

Margaret Thatcher proclaimed  in October 1996  “You cannot have freedom without a rule of law…And if you don’t have it…what you tend to get is corruption, and that is death to freedom, death to truth, its death to honour, it is death to democracy”

During the Napoleonic War, Napoleon referred to Great Britain as “Perfidious Albion”, implying no one should trust Britain.

Having had Brexit, and desperately seeking trade treaties, the Government now think it is a good idea to put in place an act of Parliament that would negate an International agreement into which Britain freely entered.

The spin is being put out this is merely precautionary. But the clear perception is that Britain is preparing to break the Withdrawal Treaty.

When a trade deal with our biggest (and nearest trading partner) is immediately threatened, the reputation of this country and every business operating abroad is put at serious risk.

This has a knock on effect. What reputable country will make a trade deal with a country that cannot be trusted? That seeks to break international treaties!

When they look more closely, they will see the pattern of Government decision making, of at least ELEVEN U-turns, they will turn away, or demand massive financial guarantees.

Great Britain’s reputation took centuries to build. Britain is being turned into some kind of banana republic, as increasingly  its government is seen as dodgy and unreliable.

We need to be protected from the small clique who have seized control of this government!

Massively concerned,

Andrew Milroy


Andy Milroy lives in Wiltshire