Liar, Liar – Pants on Fire!

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Johnson’s lies have led to the destabilisation of Ireland’s fragile peace.

The real culprit for the current unrest in Ireland is the hard-line Brexit dogmatically pursued by Boris Johnson and the Brexiteers. Despite a succession of lies told by Johnson (including that there would be checks and controls between Britain and Northern Ireland over his dead body), a border has indeed been imposed. This alienates the majority in Northern Ireland who voted to remain.

The Prime Minister, despite declaring there would be no checks on goods going from GB to NI chose the Irish Sea as a divide between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. The Good Friday Agreement and the peace process would be finished if he had imposed a border in Ireland but instead of being honest about it, he huffed, puffed, blustered and lied, leaving businesses in turmoil and facing extra red tape and a shortage of goods.

No wonder Loyalists feel betrayed, stones and bottles are being thrown and the small spark of Brexit is in danger of lighting a great and dangerous fire.

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