Local Farmers discuss the Australia Deal

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Sandy Hill Mob – Source: Matt and Laura Elliot

The post-Brexit Australian Deal is going to affect the future of British farming, whether you’re a small farmer or a mass producer.

Matt and Laura Elliot are two farmers who run the National Trust Sandy Hill Mob farm in Gloucestershire. They are regenerative farmers, which means they use the cattle to regenerate the soil and wildlife around the 10 acres they manage. This form of farming can be really beneficial to the grass; as Matt tells me, they are starting to get Wildflowers again for the first time in their three year stay at the farm.

The Australia Deal would mean bringing in meat from animals who haven’t been well treated in their life. It will also affect beef farmers all over the country, because they have developed high standards for our livestock whilst we were in the EU.

I talked to Matt and Laura Elliot about the implications of the Deal and what could mean for small and unique farms such as theirs.
Could farmers be going the way of UK fishermen?

Watch below to find out.

Ed: To find out more about Matt and Laura’s project view this link.

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