On Another Planet

Empty Shelves (Unsplash, John Cameron)

If Britain is “Global”, then it must be on some other planet, because it’s not “Global” here on Earth!

Such is the feeling you get reading the contrasting accounts of the daily news from the British and European media. Since moving to Portugal at the end of 2020 I have seen first-hand how the UK has largely fallen off the radar of the media over here. The focus here is now on the economic recovery of the country and the wider European economic area.

Meanwhile in Britain; People are led to believe that the EU is obsessing over the UK and resentful of the new relationship. But alas it appears the EU is living rent free inside the UK’s head.

Perhaps UK media foster this idea as a distraction from example after example of the supply chain in the UK starting to struggle with the consequence of Brexit, from the shortage of blood tests to the rotting of crops in farms. 

The UK media claim that these are global issues but here in Europe we are yet to experience anything requiring the rearranging of supermarket aisles to hide any empty shelves. If any shortages are in the news at all they are almost always in reference to the UK.

So far it feels like the UK is still in denial about the crisis it is in and not only in reference to Brexit. We hear so often about the UK’s world beating vaccination program despite the fact the EU has started to overtake UK in vaccination rates.

And you would be forgiven for thinking Covid was over based on the lack of any meaningful restrictions in the UK. However here on the continent we are very much taking the approach that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Despite our very high vaccination rates the Portuguese government is being very cautious to announce the further removal of restrictions. This is despite the fact that Portuguese death ratesare declining fast whereas those in the UK are increasing.

One thing has become clear. If Britain is “Global”,  then it must be on some other planet.

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