Catching up on Normal People
one of those steamy interludes
of heightened energy. Who does the sound effects?
Overdid the carafe at tea-time
Pause. Be right back

Max the fish man from Grimsby
hauls his crabs to Middle England
I see dad clowning in MacFisheries
filleting a mackerel me aged five. Oh, no dosh
Pause. Be right back, Max

Transitioning out of Europe
not going well but committed we to save the day
Nissan, Rolls Royce, Centrica, Bombardier
relegation from the European league

Between the bathroom and the bedroom
on the landing of our fears
is where these thoughts & nightmares tread
near the top step of the stairs
Pause. We shall be back

Listen up, the song plays on
No matter when or whither this direction
free school meals and a U-turn on Europe

#Pause. ‘Til the next election.

#Pause. Long live our connection.

Adrian Mealing lives in Worcestershire