“Save British Farming” are trying to save us from ourselves

Save British Farming (SBF) was founded by Liz Webster, a farmer in Wiltshire, with the objective of protecting our food standards and our farmers’ livelihoods.

Source: Save British Farming

SBF says:
The Government is selling British farmers down the river … they want to pass Bills that will ditch UK animal welfare and environmental standards for imported food, flood the market with cheap, low-quality products and destroy Britain’s world-class farming industry.

SBF’s campaign aims to educate the public and ensure that the Agriculture Bill has amendments which will:

  • Protect Animal Welfare
  • Save British Jobs
  • Save British Food
  • Protect the Environment
  • Keep British Food Standards
  • Save Food-Origin Labelling
  • Protect Britain from damaging Pesticides

This is what the vast majority of the British people wants but our government is denying this to follow a bogus free trading agenda.

SBF launched in July with a tractor rally in Westminster. Since then they have held rallies across the country including Northallerton and Stokesley  (North Yorkshire), Menai Bridge (Wales), Swindon and Marlborough (Wiltshire). They were back in Westminster again on October 12th – see Channel 4 interview.

Tractors on Westminster Bridge – Source: SBF

Protests (with people rather than tractors) have been held up and down the country, notably in Hexham (Northumberland), Newcastle, Oswestry (Shropshire), Plumpton College (Sussex) and Hereford.

Farmers Weekly and other farming press have featured and supported these rallies and protests, as have the Bylines Network including of course West England Bylines.

More rallies are planned for Melton Mowbray (29 October) and Malmesbury (30 October). Then next Tuesday, 3 November, SBF are up in Westminster for a final attempt to persuade our government to see sense.

SBF has distributed loads of banners across the country and is asking supporters to lobby Lords and MPs so that amendments to the Agriculture Bill become law.

SBF has worked with Mail on Sunday to highlight the dangers of government policy. A recent success was that Bake Off judge, Prue Leith, backed the Mail on Sunday campaign against inferior food imports and cancelled her Conservative Party membership after her MP son, Danny Kruger, voted with the Government to reject amendments to the Agriculture Bill. Danny Kruger is MP for Devizes, a farming constituency in our West England Bylines region.

Surely even the Conservative MPs in farming areas must see the need for safeguards in law to protect our Food Standards and our British Farmers?
Lobby your MP while there is still time.

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