Sporting Spoofs

No 10 in action – Martin Griffiths

First up – Rugby …

The Cock Up Times in a special rugby feature includes an interview with loose forward, Cunning Cummings.

In the interview he reveals how he likes to pretend to play on the blindside and is happy to work round any law that doesn’t suit him He thinks being offside is a positive thing and will do any dirty trick in the scrum to get his way and distract the referee. He credits the results of a visit to Durham as demonstrating he can do literally anything and the management team (which he actually coaches) supports him. He outlines why he has no respect for referees or foreign players and why he doesn’t want them spoiling his game.

He says: “Yes, the rucking law wanted changing. But its main advantage is that it distracts everyone from the mess the Number 10 and the rest of the team are making in the match against Covid. We’re losing this match so badly because of constantly changing tactics, bad planning and general incompetence”.

Now for Cricket …

Captain U. S. E. Less drops the ball again as Lords debate controversial international law changes.
Martin Griffiths