Stop – Listen – Carefully – A Blackbird is singing – beautifully

A Blackbird singing to the Stars – Source: Author

A solo song, beneath the stars
And the falling veil of night.
A song of hope, an ode to joy,
From the darkness comes the light.

It sings in cities and gardens green
And besides the lakeside shores,
It sings in woodlands full of flowers
Where lovers meet once more.

From Place des Voges to Naples Bay
To Le Merlat in pretty Beaucaire.
You can even hear its soaring song,
In Guernica’s market square.

We have heard its song, many times before,
I have even heard it there.
Where the trains no longer, come or go
On the platform, still empty and bare.

Yes. For that moment a Blackbird sang
A song so clear and bright.
For wherever there is darkness,
There is always light.

Ed: Martin is a writer, artist and teacher and an admirer of Edward Thomas’ writings.

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