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Problems Registering in Portugal

James Campbell

On the stroke of midnight (11pm UK time) on 31 January 2020, after 47 years of membership, the UK officially left the EU. There followed an 11 month transition period to 31 December 2020. The clock was then ticking for EU & UK citizens to register their status to ensure they kept their pre-Brexit rights. […]

Tewkesbury for Europe asks “How Is Brexit going?”

Martin Griffiths

How is Brexit going? Working for a better deal with Europe. Despite a rather chilly day, Tewkesbury for Europe were out in the high street recently and handing out leaflets, engaging people and asking ‘How is Brexit going?’ Over 50 leaflets were handed out and, despite a few negatives, there were over twenty very positive […]

European Movement’s Day of Action

A reader writes...

On Saturday, as part of the European Movement’s Day of Action, members of Oxford for Europe gathered once again on Cornmarket to gauge the opinions of local people, on how they felt that Brexit was going. We asked people the following questions: Is Brexit good for the NHS? Is Brexit keeping up food supply and […]


Protect your Freedom of Movement and EU Citizenship!

Sue Wilson

How far would you go to protect your freedom of movement and EU citizenship rights? Many British citizens have taken the difficult decision to become citizens of an EU country. Here are personal stories how and why they remained European. How we lost EU Citizenship When Brexit negotiations first began freedom of movement was still […]

Step by step Campaign to re-join Europe

A reader writes...

Lord Andrew Adonis in Oxford Town Hall this week (Thursday 28th October) launched the next step of a campaign to re-join the rest of Europe ‘Step by Step‘. “Boris Johnson’s Brexit isn’t working – as the empty shelves and closed petrol stations of recent months demonstrate”, Lord Adonis told over 100 people in the Town […]

Brexit Unfolded – Contradictions and Lies don’t make good Policy

Ian Bartle

One of the abiding questions of Brexit is how the very close referendum result in June 2016 led to a very hard Brexit in 2020, a Brexit that remains far from settled to this day. This is the main theme of Professor Chris Grey’s new book Brexit Unfolded. How No One Got What They Wanted […]

New Careers Advice required?

Martin Griffiths

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) says that, of the 600,000 registered HGV license holders, half have left the industry. 16-20,000 foreign drivers are estimated to have returned home since Brexit and about 40,000 driving tests were cancelled due to the pandemic. Poor roadside facilities including a severe lack of roadside toilets and showers are also an issue. The RHA […]

HGV Driver Shortage – Open Letter to Grant Shapps

Andrew Milroy

Dear Sir, We are slipping into a desperate crisis which has been inflicted by this blinkered government. The crucial sinews which hold the British supply network together have been seriously damaged. The HGV driver shortage in the UK is estimated at 100,000 and this shortage is having a knock on effect. For example, drivers of […]


We Need To Talk About TIGRR

Peter Burke

Turning back the clock on metrication is something the UK needs like a hole in the head. Is this just another ‘Dead Cat’?

Step by Step, back into Europe

Martin Griffiths

Martin Griffiths reports on Lord Andrew Adonis’ visit to Malvern for Europe and his suggested route for the UK’s step by step return to the EU. At a meeting on 17 September hosted by Malvern for Europe, their guest speaker Lord Andrew Adonis reviewed the factors leading up to Brexit, the perils facing the UK […]

Progressive Alliances and Proportional Representation

Philip Cole

As far as this article is concerned a ‘progressive’ is someone who – in this or any order – wants the UK to rejoin the EU; wants to save the planet from ecocide; unreservedly supports the NHS; believes that in a decent society the strong have a moral duty to support the weak (i.e. we […]

Pigs to the Slaughter

Mark Haller

100,000 pigs could possibly be slaughtered due to a shortage of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers, which in turn is due to Brexit mis-management

Campaign for Free Movement for Musicians

The Editor

Ed: This Press Release from Young European Movement at Reading Festival to highlight their campaign for free movement for musicians is well worth supporting. Activists from the Young European Movement (YEM UK) are set to campaign at the Reading Festival to raise concerns over the challenges musicians are facing after freedom of movement came to […]

“Bring on madness, banish reason” (King Lear)

Book Review by X Libris

In 1937 Jean Renoir directed a film called ‘La Grande Illusion’ about French prisoners-of-war during World War I. The title came from a book published in 1909 by Norman Angell called ‘The Great Illusion’ which argued that war is futile because of the common economic interests of all European nations. This is, of course, the  […]

We are all ‘Grimbarians’ now

Jon Wakeham

I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of Lia Nici MP before her tweet regarding Queen and flag brought her to some prominence recently. So, I checked her Twitter profile and found that she represents the constituency of Leave-voting Grimsby and describes herself as a proud Grimbarian. Now, forgive my ignorance but I didn’t […]

Liar, Liar – Pants on Fire!

Martin Griffiths

Write to us at Johnson’s lies have led to the destabilisation of Ireland’s fragile peace. The real culprit for the current unrest in Ireland is the hard-line Brexit dogmatically pursued by Boris Johnson and the Brexiteers. Despite a succession of lies told by Johnson (including that there would be checks and controls between Britain and […]

A Reader writes about his Stroud MP

The Editor

Dear Editor, I was very struck by the factual inaccuracies, false claims and exceptionally naïve assertions made by Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie in her House of Commons speech this week. According to her, “if the Opposition had been correct about Brexit, the sky would have fallen in by now and dementors sporting EU flags would […]

The Day the Music Died?

Jane Riekemann

Write to us at When Big Ben rang in the New Year at midnight on 31 December 2020 it sounded the death knell of the transition period, the end of the UK’s membership of the Single Market and the start of the hard Brexit most were dreading. The first few months of 2021 have been […]

No Way To Start A trade War

Peter Burke

Despite all the screamingly obvious evidence to the contrary, most of us hoped that by some miracle Brexit would turn out well. We still live in hope, but the chances are diminishing by the day. Some of what is happening was foreseeable, and some goes even further than the worst predictions of “project fear”

Dog Theft on the Increase after Brexit

Liz Webster

Dog theft campaigners are calling on pets and their owners to participate in the world’s first ever DogZoom event to kick-start the national “Pet Theft Awareness Week” on 14th March. Hosted by Emma Kennedy with surprise video messages from celebrities and politicians. Last year, I noticed a sudden increase on my local social media posts […]


A Touch of Frost

Peter Burke

With effect from 1 March 2021 the newly-ennobled Lord David Frost stepped into the role of UK Chair of the Partnership Council. He therefore enters the Cabinet, and becomes yet another ‘unelected bureaucrat’ at the centre of power.  He is there to preside over a difficult new round of negotiations at a time when ministers would […]

Britain loses eTwinning as well as Erasmus+

The Editor

Most people have heard of Erasmus+, but very few know why Britain decided not to participate in it after leaving the EU. The reason Boris Johnson gave is that the enhanced Erasmus+ is now too expensive. This implies that he may have agreed to stay in had Erasmus not been upgraded. But who knows? Despite […]

Conductor Sir Simon Rattle leaves London to become a German Citizen

Dr Helmut Hubel

Music, classical music in particular, has no borders. While the notes are written down on paper, the music is transmitted through the air and cannot be controlled by political authorities. Note the similarity with the Covid virus! Beethoven’s ninth’s symphony with the message, “Alle Menschen werden Brüder” (All people will become brothers [and sisters, we […]