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The Border is a Problem that won’t go away

Martin Griffiths

Brexit isn’t working. It’s causing real damage. Who is to Blame? As the border down the Irish Sea starts to cause real damage to the very sensitive balance in Northern Ireland between the two different communities and further damages relationships and trade. Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls for: “Urgent action from the EU to resolve […]

A Good Trade Deal or a Sea of Trouble?

Martin Griffiths

Boris Johnson should remember that over optimistic, re-assuring statements do not always go down well outside Downing Street. His recent rhetoric doesn’t indicate that he’s understood this.  When Neville Chamberlain returned from Munich in 1938 with his ‘peace in our time’ deal with Hitler, he announced outside Downing Street, “Go home and get a nice […]

Pantomime American Style!

Martin Griffiths

America provides a tragic pantomime while UK theatres are closed. Europe and its democracies look even more necessary today. Read more articles from West England Bylines here >>>

Food Poverty and Children in 21st Century Britain

Martin Griffiths

What is it our Eton educated prime minister doesn’t understand about poverty, child hunger and government responsibility? There are children in this country who are hungry today. Many people and organizations are helping but are Johnson and the government doing enough? Johnson, his government and the majority of the Tory MPs recently voted against extending […]

Spoof News Film Review

Martin Griffiths

New Bond film postponed! Cinemas closing! ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ re-make cancelled! But, good news! The staff here at Spoof News have been secretly collaborating with a Westminster Film Club to review a re-make of ‘The Green Mile’ film, in which a condemned inmate, walks to his demise followed by the incessant chants […]

Spoilt Baby Boris

The Editor

The Cartoon Times has obtained exclusive access to a childhood picture of our leader Boris. Has this spoilt baby turned into the politician who only cares for himself and flouts all the rules going. Will he learn that in the real world rules must be followed and leaders must set an example. Let’s hope our […]

SPOOF NEWS? Building Walls and Britain’s Brexit Border

Martin Griffiths

The Cartoon Times takes an exclusive look at an article by Sarah Whine, the Daily Wail’s top journalist, in which she reported back from her recent, exclusive interview with Michael Gove. Of her no-punches-pulled interview, Sarah said, ‘I had to track Govey down to his own home to get this interview’. According to Sarah, ‘Michael […]

Damned are the Lawmakers?

Martin Griffiths

How can a government expect the people to follow the rules when the prime minister, MPs and Dominic Cummings are seen to openly flout them? Johnson and his supporters have a long track record. They have undermined the judicial system and the judges. They have lied to the Queen about the proroguing of parliament. Now […]

Sporting Spoofs

Martin Griffiths

First up – Rugby … The Cock Up Times in a special rugby feature includes an interview with loose forward, Cunning Cummings. In the interview he reveals how he likes to pretend to play on the blindside and is happy to work round any law that doesn’t suit him He thinks being offside is a […]


Martin Griffiths

A London based individual, Mr PM Bumble, has reported experiencing considerable reliability issues with the car that he has been driving since December. Mr Bumble complained, ‘I had only been in charge of driving since July last year but took procession of this new car in December confident that it had over eighty improvements on […]

The Blame Game

Martin Griffiths

‘Blame the EU’. ‘Blame the Media’. Or even, ‘Blame the Referee’. We all do it. We deflect blame by blaming others when things go wrong. It’s easy. Just blame someone or something else. The buck doesn’t need to stop with you! If my football team loses this weekend, I can always blame the referee (and […]