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Bristol seeks to Decarbonise its Buses

Julian Greenbank
Bristol Buses - Source: Julian Greenbank

I’ve made so many videos about Bristol’s quest to be environmentally friendly, I might as well make it its own mini-series. This time round, the City has been given a Grant of £500,000 from the Department of Transport to study how best to decarbonise its public transport system. A trial will be conducted in three […]

Are Diesel Buses just Greenwashing?

Maya Wilson-Autzen
Stagecoach Gold - 94 at Gloucester Bus Station - Elliot Brown - CC BY-SA 4.0

Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) and Stagecoach West could be seen to be putting profit above planet in last year’s introduction of new diesel buses. The buses had a minor environmental upgrade – now using Euro 6 engines. This means a double decker bus, which can carry over 70 people, will give off fewer emissions than […]

The Limitations of Hydrogen as an Energy Source

Mark Haller
Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle - (CC BY-ND 2.0)

After my earlier articles on Electric Vehicles (EVs), reviewing the battery revolution and whether the EV market is now mature, it is worth assessing the feasibility of using hydrogen to power Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs). Recently the government appeared to give heavy backing to hydrogen as a vehicle power source, possibly due to heavy backing […]

Have Electric Vehicles reached a Turning Point?

Mark Haller

It was reported earlier this year that pure electric vehicle sales had overtaken diesel vehicle sales. Is this specifically a move from diesel to electric or is it just a general move to electric vehicles (EVs)? Given the impact of fuel shortages and Covid hitting overall car sales, this is difficult to assess. Rather than […]