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Is Nuclear Power a Secure Option?

Mark Haller
Bradwell Nuclear Power Station - Source: R Wendland on Wikimedia Commons - CC BY SA 4.0

Nuclear power is regarded as an inexpensive solution to providing base level electricity supply. The claim that a small number of large modern nuclear power stations would be CO2 free and provide huge amounts of energy at a reasonable price is broadly true. However, are the full decommissioning costs factored into the ‘reasonable price’? The […]

Energy Crisis – Which Energy Crisis?

Jacky Smith
Gas Ring - Source: Pixabay

We’re hearing a lot about energy at the moment. The UK market is widely spoken about as “broken”. And no wonder! Brexit broke our links to the EU internal market network at a time when the UK government had allowed local storage of gas to evaporate in a mist of “market forces”. Now that world […]

Energy Security is National Security

Mark Haller

Following on from recent failures to protect the UK from energy volatility, it is prudent to search out some facts on Energy Security, which is a complex and wide issue. Is the Government lazy or has it just focused on the wrong priorities? Energy Security and Russia We are currently bouncing around a bunch of issues that […]

Electric Car Savings Revisited

Bob Irving

Following on from Chloë Davies’s article which wrote about the possible savings from an electric car due to its using electricity instead of fossil fuels, it’s worthwhile flagging up the other savings (and the odd extra cost) due to replacing a fuel car with an electric one. Electric Vehicles are simpler Most of these savings […]