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Return of a Dirty Old Man

Hadrian Cook

The legislation which allows sewage treatment works, at times of high discharge, to pour untreated effluent into our rivers and coastal waters has been in the news recently. On the recommendation of Environment (yes, environment!) Secretary, George Eustace, our elected representatives voted down an amendment to prevent such pollution. They seem to think the operation […]

Blah Blah Blah

Peter Burke

Was COP26 an opportunity lost? Was it always destined to be? Could there be a link to Brexit? What do you think?!

Bristol City Council approves its Clean Air Zone

Julian Greenbank

It’s been a long time coming but it finally happened. On Friday November 6, the Bristol City Council voted to approve a Bristol Clean Air Zone, set to launch June 2022. The area designated by the council will cover the Floating Harbour, Castle Park, Temple Quay, and most of the City Centre. Bristol Clean Air […]

The Climate Emergency – Part 2: What to do and what to stop doing

Bob Copeland

As with stopping Covid-19 from spreading, it should not be difficult to see what needs to be done and what we need to stop doing, to save the planet. However, judging by what the UK government has just announced, it is clearly beyond their capability. What needs to be done to help save the planet […]

COP26 – Real Progress or just more Hot Air?

Martin Griffiths

Is COP26 solving problems or is it just so much more political rhetoric, green-washing and hot air? The planet is in trouble. Climate change is having a devastating impact and while historically it is the G20 countries that have made the greatest impact by burning dirty fossil fuels, it is poorer countries and their people […]

Cotswolds Ecosystem in Danger – Part 2 – River Pollution

George Richmond

“There’s water, water of life”. Those words were part of a hymn I had to sing at my small C of E primary school in the heart of the Cotswolds as a child. While little water runs through the village of Chedworth where my school lay, the Cotswolds has certainly been blessed with at least […]


Climate Emergency – Citizens do have Power!

Paul Ryder

Gregorio Mirabal is General Coordinator of the COICA (Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin) and was their representative to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) World Conservation Congress in September this year. He is a prime example that citizens do have power. In my previous article, I argued that […]

Energy Security is National Security

Mark Haller

Following on from recent failures to protect the UK from energy volatility, it is prudent to search out some facts on Energy Security, which is a complex and wide issue. Is the Government lazy or has it just focused on the wrong priorities? Energy Security and Russia We are currently bouncing around a bunch of issues that […]

Electric Car Savings Revisited

Bob Irving

Following on from Chloë Davies’s article which wrote about the possible savings from an electric car due to its using electricity instead of fossil fuels, it’s worthwhile flagging up the other savings (and the odd extra cost) due to replacing a fuel car with an electric one. Electric Vehicles are simpler Most of these savings […]


Is Bristol Going Green Fast Enough?

Julian Greenbank

Bristol has promised to be green but will its actions back up the words? Can the many Green councillors in Bristol make Bristol really green? Watch Tom Hathway explain his hopes and fears around Bristol’s response.

The Covid Climate Crisis

Amber Hill

The world has been put on pause, but climate change hasn’t. What on Earth is going on? 2021. Some would, quite rightly, describe it as a year filled with tragedy. All of us have felt the impacts of Covid-19, whether it’s been through losing loved ones to the illness or being shut up in our […]

Success for Stonehenge Campaigners

The Editor

Ed: The “Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd” issued the following press release on 30 July 2021. West England Bylines have supported the campaign with articles like this in June. SAVE STONEHENGE WORLD HERITAGE SITE LTD[1] High Court Judgement AGAINST A303 Stonehenge scheme! Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site is delighted the High Court has today […]

Trade Tunnel Vision

George Richmond

For the last couple of months I have been immersed in university final exams, preventing me from writing or paying much attention to current affairs. Despite this, I still saw how quickly the Australian Trade Deal went from being publicly debated to being signed off in June with total disregard for the interests of UK […]

Consumer “Right To Repair” – Part 2 – Consumer Impact

Colin Thompson

Ed: In Part 1, Colin explored the position the UK government appears to be taking on the Consumer “Right to Repair” legislation and touched on the EU Eco Design Directive. In Part 2, Colin looks at how we have been enveloped in a throwaway disposable consumer market, with a few examples of the impact of […]


Consumer “Right to Repair” – Part 1 – UK Legislation

Colin Thompson

Ed: This is the first of three articles exploring what we know about the proposed UK legislation on the Consumer “Right to Repair”, its impact on the consumer and how another country legislates within the EU “Eco Design Directive”. If you belong to my generation (well over 25!), I’m pretty sure you will have at […]

Local Farmers discuss the Australia Deal

Julian Greenbank

The post-Brexit Australian Deal is going to affect the future of British farming, whether you’re a small farmer or a mass producer. Matt and Laura Elliot are two farmers who run the National Trust Sandy Hill Mob farm in Gloucestershire. They are regenerative farmers, which means they use the cattle to regenerate the soil and […]

Cirencester Repair Café reduces Carbon Emissions

Bob Irving

Ed: If you read our article about how Cirencester’s Repair Café was set up, you’ll want to know how they got on. If not, you can read about the set up here. After months of preparation, Cirencester Repair Café opened on 27 November 2017 at The Bothy with a good range of repairers and of […]

Setting up Cirencester’s Repair Café

Bob Irving

We have a deeply throwaway society in the UK. It seems that the majority of us would far rather buy something new than attempt to fix something broken. Moreover, we’re encouraged in this by manufacturers, marketers and designers. Electronics are glued or soldered together, rather than screwed. Spare parts are difficult, if not impossible, to […]

Cheltenham marks ‘Clean Air Day’

Will Luker

If you didn’t know already, the 17 June 2021 is ’Clean Air Day’ with events held across the UK to highlight why the planet needs clean up its act. Cleaning up our air is the obvious reason why this day is very important but it is much more than just talking about why clean air […]

Distinguished Opponents of A303 Stonehenge Tunnel to speak at Webinar

A reader writes...

Dear Editor, On 23 June, a legal challenge against the Government’s plans for the Stonehenge Tunnel will come to court. It is the last chance to stop massive and irreparable damage being done to the archaeology and landscape of Britain’s most iconic World Heritage Site.  To say that the status of Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage […]

Eurostar under Threat

Hazel Pennington

Write to us at Could there be a better way to get to Europe than the Eurostar? It’s an easy journey from St Pancras to the heart of Paris (two hours twenty minutes) or Brussels (just over two hours). From there the whole of our endlessly fascinating continent, a cornucopia of landscapes, architecture, languages, climates, […]

Space to Breathe

Will Luker

Write to us at Political thinking in the UK is divided. Talk about current affairs, often enough leads to polarised thought. On all sides of the political divide and however we all vote is something that now seems to damage friendly debate. The political temperature especially during a pandemic and after a divisive referendum, is […]

Stonehenge Campaigners win a Three Day High Court Hearing

The Editor

Stonehenge Alliance heard last week (24 February) that Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd (SSWHS), the company set up to take forward its legal case against the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps’ decision to approve the A303 development through the World Heritage Site (WHS), has been granted a three day hearing at the High Court. This […]

Youth Ambassadors

A reader writes...

Dear Editor, On a relatively unremarkable, dreary lockdown Tuesday in mid-January, over 100 people in Cheltenham joined virtual workshops organised by Cheltenham Borough Council and local charity “Vision 21” to talk about climate change, emissions reduction and solutions. The resulting formation of the CheltenhamZero partnership aims to provide a collaborative group to support the council’s […]