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Breaking Bread Together: Community Food Initiatives

Barbara Morrison
Ciabatta - Source: Author

As the cost of living crisis grows, there is little sign that the government is taking effective action to help those who are in real need. In a pre-election interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the prime minister failed to articulate what help may be available to a pensioner struggling to make ends meet. Shortly after, […]

Live Worse for Less – The Chancellor’s Diktat

Barbara Morrison
The Rich and the Poor - Source: Pixabay Free to use

When I wrote about the looming cost of living crisis back in January, the outlook was bleak for the most vulnerable people in society. After the chancellor’s spring statement, it is clear that he is not prepared to support those in most need. In response to widespread criticism of the measures announced, Rishi Sunak has now […]

Oxford residents rally for ‘Doughnut Economics’

Kerry Ann Christelow

Doughnut Economics is the brainchild of Kate Raworth which builds on a radical rethinking of economics after the Financial Crash of 2008.  Her book, Doughnut Economics – Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist (2018, Penguin / Random House Business), is enlightening, readable and makes a whole lot of sense even to those […]

Londongrad (2022)

Malcolm Atkins
William Blake by Thomas Philips (detail) - Source Picryl CC0

In memory of William Blake (1757 – 1827) I wander thro’ each laundered street,Near where the laundered Thames does flood.And mark the shamed and shambling feetThat toil for those that trade in blood. In all the lies of great and good, In all the media spin and feed,  In all the infant cries for food,I hear the […]

UK is an Unequal Society

Paul Ryder

So many lies, so much spin, so many cover-ups, so much poverty, so much inequality, so much division, and so much corruption. I wondered whether the Red Wall voters were still pleased with the 80 seat majority they helped to confer on Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party in 2019. I doubt it. The Conservative […]

A Tale of Two Protests: February 2022

Jane Riekemann
Three Un-wise Men at Parliament Square 5 February 2022 - Source: Jane Riekemann

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” One week in February 2022 captured the essence of the opening paragraph of Dickens’ masterpiece, A Tale of Two Cities. The contradictions of life in 18th century Paris and London, that Dickens considered his 19th century readers would identify with, are ever present […]

This Culture of Racism is not Cricket

Nabeela Akhtar

I see Yorkshire County Cricket Club and the England and Wales Cricket Board are making headlines for a culture of racism that continues unabashed. We have multiple Asian and Black cricketers dehumanised and degraded, racist slurs casually used and racist action over a number of years. I actively resist the temptation to veer into flippant comment, as […]


The Compassion Gap – Do the Tories Care enough?

Claire Jones

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” Mahatma Gandhi. The British view themselves as a caring lot. Yet, on Gandhi’s measure, our right wing government are staggeringly far removed from greatness. What fills me with even more horror than the current leadership’s dishonesty and incompetence is the indifference to suffering […]

A Woman’s Work is Never Done – Caring in the Time of Covid

Barbara Morrison

The division of work between women and men is, and has long been, profoundly gendered. Women’s access to equal paid work, leisure time and power remains constrained by their traditional social roles as carers and mothers even as they have entered and remained in the labour market in greater numbers. There is an expectation that […]

Limited Funding for Postgraduates hinders Social Mobility

Sophie Overton

Roman emperor and philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, once wrote that one should endeavour to: “Speak the truth as you see it. But with kindness. With humility. Without hypocrisy”. The “truth” as I see it is that there is a lack of funding for low-income students in England who seek to undertake a Masters degree. As such […]

Death of a salesman?

Philip Cole

Write to us at The Queen’s husband has died, not far off his 100th birthday. As a republican my first thought was ‘Oh, yes… So what?’ This is an event that has no impact whatsoever on my life or the life of anyone else I can think of. I have no objection to commemorating the […]

The stigma around a ‘Feminist’

Ava Masani, Lottie Cooper & Georgie Charlesworth

Write to us at Why you should care? Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? There is a wide misconception that those who call themselves a ‘Feminist’ consider women to be superior to men, think that women deserve more rights than men, or even, are ‘men-hating’. However, feminism and misandry (dislike and prejudice against […]


It’s just the Colour

Martin Griffiths

It’s just the colour of my skin.It’s not a coatI bought to wear. I also feel the sun,Smell the earthAnd hear the birds sing. I work and play,Dance and eatAnd hold my child’s hand. I kiss, I love,I smile, I cryAnd if I’m pricked, I bleed. It’s just the colour of my skin.It’s not a […]

International Women’s Day … 8 March 2021

Sue Wilson MBE

I’ve always had mixed feelings regarding events or campaigns aimed at a limited, albeit a discriminated against, sector of society. Is it fair or appropriate to celebrate the social, economic and political achievements of women while leaving men out of the picture? Perhaps the question shouldn’t be about whether it’s fair, but whether it’s necessary. […]