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Breaking Bread Together: Community Food Initiatives

Barbara Morrison
Ciabatta - Source: Author

As the cost of living crisis grows, there is little sign that the government is taking effective action to help those who are in real need. In a pre-election interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the prime minister failed to articulate what help may be available to a pensioner struggling to make ends meet. Shortly after, […]

American Crayfish invade UK Rivers

Nick Robinson
American Signal Crayfish female - Pacifastacus leniusculus - Source: Astacoides on Wikipedia

There are many invasive species in the UK. Grey squirrels, several species of deer and mink are just some, but one of the most damaging lurks beneath the surface of many of our rivers, streams, lakes and ponds – the American signal crayfish. Introduced in the 1970s in the hope of exporting farmed animals to […]